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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama's Iraq Speech In One Sentence

Who's this guy saying nice things about Bush on our Iraq success bashing Bush over our economic failure?

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  1. Boring and uninspired speech. Obama has definitley lost his mojo.

  2. I thought it was very telling that he mentioned Bush's devotion to the troops and love of Country. Yet, he didn't chime in with the same sentiment, even on love of Country. Spoke volumes. The rest was so lackluster, I felt like he was thinking, "yeah, I can see November from the Rose Garden".

  3. I think that BHO is simply a couple of cans sort of a 6-pack. It's hard to believe that anyone could be as stupid as he appears to be.

  4. But he didn't actually say anything nice about Bush. He essentially called Bush an "amicable dunce" (or whatever the term was Progressive moron Clark Clifford used for RR) by avoiding giving any credit for success of the 'Surge.'

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  5. I changed the channel and watched HGTV reruns.

  6. "Obama has definitley lost his mojo."

    Remember, 'Mojo' spelled backwards is: "OMG, the market's crashing again!'

  7. "Boring and uninspired speech"
    He can never talk with inspiration when it comes to the troops and the wars. He could care less about our military and they know it. The only time he gets fired up about something is when it's taking our money and giving it to someone else or slandering someone he doesn't like. Our troops are just something he has to look like he tolerates.

  8. At the start of his speech, I found his still, lifeless hands pretty darn creepy.

  9. You who gave that speech the exact amount of attention it deserved.