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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Harry Reid: Give Me Credit for Nevada Boom When I Wasn't Majority Leader

In a story today at Politico, Harry Reid's strategy: Winning ugly, Reid makes one of his favorite points in responding to Sharron Angle's assertions that Reid bears at least some responsibility for the economic decline in Nevada:

Reid contends that if Angle attacks him on the problems now with the economy, she must also give him his due for the times when the economy was booming in Nevada.

“She’s been in the state a long time — does she give me any credit for the 20 good years we just had?” Reid said in an interview. “If she’s blaming me for what’s wrong now, shouldn’t I get credit for the 20 years I was back there and we did so well?”
There is one major problem with Reid's line of defense.  Reid did not become Majority Leader until the Democrats took over control of the Senate in January 2007.  Until then, for most of the time Nevada was experiencing its boom, Reid was not in a position to control the nation's economic agenda the way he has been since January 2007.

It may be unfair to credit or blame any single Majority Leader for the overall economy, but there is no doubt that Reid's brand of big government is written all over the current economic problems and economic stagnation. 

Here is a chart of Nevada's unemployment rate history:

This much is beyond dispute:  When Harry Reid was not in power Nevada did quite well; since Reid has been in power, Nevada has suffered.

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1 comment:

  1. “She’s been in the state a long time — does she give me any credit for the 20 good years we just had?”

    Even so, it is not Sharron Angle's job to give credit to Dingy Harry Reid for squat.

    That's Harry's job - to try and communicate to the citizens of Nevada why they should send him back to Washington. If he can't - and, given your analysis of Reid's rule, Professor, it doesn't look like he can - well, that's his problem. Not to mention a plus for our side.