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Saturday, August 14, 2010

WaPo Columnist Calls Left Blogosphere Deranged

How could I not post this?

I love how she emphasized the "de" in deranged. The nutroots are not just deranged, they are "de-ranged."

In all seriousness. she makes a good point. What was the point again? Oh yeah, the left blogosphere is deranged.

At least she didn't call them nasty, dishonest, phony, emotionally-insecure, race-baiting, money-grubbing political hacks.

Because that would be mean.

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  1. "Because that would be mean......"

    .....that they are really right wing bloggers! Hahaha. Not. They are so beyond deranged, yet they are lauded from the rooftops of many a powerful pundit and pol.

    Do you think, perhaps, that this is another facet of "triangulation" in the Dem party? It takes the media........

  2. Check out Anita Dunn's expression when Marcus says "deranged". Priceless.

  3. Everyone is missing the point. Gibbs (Fibbs) is desperately trying to repair the Cloaking Device. The Cloaking Device allowed Obama to pretend to be a centrist. But the Cloaking Device now has a huge gaping hole in it, if indeed any shreds of it remain intact, blown wide open as they could no longer maintain the facade. The real Obama has been shown to the American people in all its radical glory.

    They gotta get those shields back up, and if that means throwing their allies under the bus they will do it. "Look, we're not the extremists - the extremists are over there. We're c-e-n-t-r-i-s-t-s!"

    I don't know if the engines can take it, Captain. We may have to sail into the elections without the Cloaking Device - and all bets are off.

    Fibbs/Obama don't mind hurting John Aravosis, they figure he will come back licking their boots no matter what.

  4. They are only deeeeeranged because they are attaching our Affirmative Action President who happens to be a democrap. Had Obama been a republican/conservative you'd not only find no hand wringing or complaints, but the complaints would magically be multiplied exponentially by the lamestream media. I don't know why, but that seems to be the m.o.