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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet The Star Performer In Upcoming Think Progress Video

Meet a phony Rand Paul supporter who showed up at a rally carrying a Rand Paul sign and prepared to make racist statements.

As reported by Dave Weigel:
... a videographer at this weekend's Fancy Farm political celebration in Kentucky hounded a man wearing Rand Paul swag and holding up a racist anti-immigrant sign, badgering him to reveal who he was. The cameraman caught back up with him when, later, the man walked with supporters Paul's opponent, Jack Conway.
Which should qualify this moby to star in the next Think Progress video.

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  1. Tea Partiers have to stay sharper than the opposition. So far that isn't much of a challenge.

  2. Busted:

    Tyler Clay Collins is an Obama supporter.




  3. It is funny that conservatives don't have to send operatives to lefty political rallies to voice support for our country's enemies, racial hate directed at white folks, support for corruption in government, etc., etc. The left just naturally does these things without encouragement.