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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Schlock Poll: Jersey Shore Does More Harm Than Good

I can't believe they actually polled this:
It appears a majority of New Jersey residents agree with Gov. Chris Christie: The hit MTV reality show "Jersey Shore" is doing more harm than good to the Garden State.

According to the new poll from Quinnipiac University, 54 percent of New Jersey voters say the show is bad for the state's image. It's a sentiment that reaches across party lines (Republicans agree 57 – 18 percent while Democrats agree 52 – 22 percent) and gender division (men say the show is bad for the state 51 – 25 percent and women agree 57 – 15 percent).
I am most interested in the 46 percent who do not agree or are unsure that the show is bad for the image of New Jersey.  Does that say more about the 46 percent, or more about the image of New Jersey?

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  1. Since we can't ban it, the best thing to do is not watch it. I can say with pride I've never watched it and I can't tell you anything about it other than there is some girl named Snooki who is everywhere you look these days and the cast is said to be pretty rife with STDs.

  2. It's time to bring back the Sopranos to whack the cast of "Jersey Shore."

  3. I don't see mentioned what % of that 46% never heard of the show. I didn't until one of the other blogs I follow mentioned how terrible it is.

  4. What grates New Jerseyans is a fact that all but one cast members are New Yorkers. I'm not 100% sure about it, since nobody saw their birth certificates, but at any rate they aren't who they pretend to be.

  5. I think your right, Darius, they all come from somewhere else.

    I flipped it on Demand a couple weeks ago to see what all the fuss was. Well.....

    I loved it!

    I watched all of Season 1 and then the first 2 of Season 2, over a couple of days. My Husband, 17 and 21 yr. old were embarassed of me. Why?

    Then I loved it even more.

    The cast has this dysfunctional Italian family atmosphere thing going on, with all the youth drama. It's quite funny.

  6. I agree with "Keapon Laffin". I know of a number of families in New Jersey who have never seen it and will never see it. The survey does not mention if the pollsters made sure that the people asked had a television set in the house in the first place.