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Thursday, August 26, 2010

They Lied Us Into The War On Happy Birthday

You can't make this stuff up.

I posted earlier about a school which banned the singing of Happy Birthday out of fear of, well, it's a little hard to articulate the irrational.

But that's not the real story, according to Peter Daou, who uses the following diagram to explain how the extreme right wing moves the national discussion on almost any topic to the right:

What does this have to do with the Happy Birthday story?  According to Daou, the real story is that the extreme right wing is using the Happy Birthday story to, well, it's a little hard to articulate the irrational:
So when we see seemingly inane local controversies brewing, we should keep in mind that these can quickly become national conflagrations if the right determines it’s a way to manipulate the public discourse.
In that regard, the “war on Christmas” has been raging for years and now it seems the war on Happy Birthday has begun....
Yes, the right is manipulating the national discourse by pointing to the absurdity of an elementary school banning the singing of Happy Birthday.

I see. 

Can "they lied us into the War on Happy Birthday" be far behind?

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  1. Is the left this blind to what it's been doing for decades?!

  2. Well, "they lied..." works best if...

    Umnnhhh. Who died?

  3. Translation:

    "Our people have no sense and the wingnuts keep calling us on it, damn them."

  4. doesn't the strategy only work if democrats actually DO more crazy crap than republicans? i mean if republicans did equally crazy crap, just as often, they could employ the same tactic, right?

    oh right, he also thinks the media is controlled by conservatives.

  5. What the heck ? Really?

    I'm afraid that some in the left may be suffering from a form of BHO-PTSD. Seriously.
    The feverish postings from them with all these peculiar rationalizations because they cannot accept the defeat of their political ideology and the failings of the Obama Administration is escalating.

    The irrational behavior from their own side of late, is only interesting the first couple times, then not so much. We are beginning to see some of them unfold mentally from losing their political ground.

    It's unacceptable in our great country to resort to violence, from the hands of a minority, to get tyrannical political power over the majority.

  6. They've already banned bringing in cupcakes on your kid's birthday because OMG FAT KIDS. Why not ban a song too? Liberal logic is a wonderful thing.