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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Harry Reid As Forthright About Debate Delays As He Was About Obamacare

Soon after the Nevada Republican Senate primary, in which Sharron Angle was a surprise winner, Harry Reid announced that he would not be available to debate Angle for several months because he was too busy. 

Here is a report from a local news station from July 2:
Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., tells News 4 he's willing to debate his Republican opponent Sharron Angle.

Angle challenged Reid to debate during her interview on Face to Face with Jon Ralston Tuesday.

Today-Thursday- in a phone interview News 4 asked the Senator if he was willing to debate Angle, and when.

Reid said he wants to debate, but does not think his schedule will allow one to take place for a few months.

But the Reid campaign wanted you to forget about that.  Instead, it launched a media blitz claiming that Angle refused to debate Reid because Angle would not agree to debates after early voting had started.  Angle wanted to debate sooner.

When Nevada reporter and television host John Ralston offered Reid a debate forum on Ralston's show back in July, Reid's response was "Can't Hear Ya."

Now, Reid has relented, agreeing to a debate on October 14, just two days before early voting starts.  Yet the Reid campaign is spinning it as Angle caving in to Reid's demands for a debate:
“Sen. Reid is very much looking forward to this debate, and is pleased that Angle's new DC handlers have finally been forced to abandon their phony excuses and, despite their obviously severe reservations, allowed her to participate."
Just another of Harry Reid's games. Stall debating for several months because he was "too busy," then blaming Angle.

This brings back memories of how what you see is not what you are going to get with Reid:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, seeking to console liberal activists who were disappointed by the final version of the national health care law, assured them that there would eventually be a public option.

"We're going to have a public option," Reid said. "It's just a question of when."
I can't wait to see what Reid pulls two days before early voting starts.

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1 comment:

  1. The Reid mudslingers want us to believe the fate of the Republic hinges not on policy but on what Angle's color preference was for football uniforms in some podunk high school almost two decades ago.

    Maybe we'll get to the bottom of that pressing issue in the debate.