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Monday, August 23, 2010

Strike 2 (Blumenthal v. McMahon)

Strike 1 was the now infamous "when I served in Vietnam" (but I actually didn't) statement by Richard Blumenthal.

Strike 2 (via HotAir) is Blumenthal's "I don't take PAC money" (but I actually do) statement by Blumenthal:
Richard Blumenthal's words are haunting him again. Already forced to apologize for saying he had served "in" Vietnam in the Marine Reserve rather than stateside, the state attorney general's campaign for U.S. Senate is now being challenged to explain his assertion that he had "never taken PAC money" and has "rejected all special interest money."

Federal records show that he has accepted $480,000 in political action committee money since he made that claim in January.
The Connecticut Post has a blistering analysis of the Blumenthal campaign:
Blumenthal is, so far, running the worst political campaign in Connecticut history.
The man is so afraid of losing that he is headed for a self-fulfilling prophecy par excellence -- the political equivalent of diving into the East River with Jimmy Hoffa's cement shoes on.

Democrats in Washington and Chicago, calculating ways to hold the Senate should send their money to Delaware or Pennsylvania or Colorado.

Unless Blumenthal gets a guts transplant, this race is gone; this candidate is hopeless, doomed, toast.
Blumenthal is not yet toast, by far.  But Blumenthal's integrity as a candidate is on the precipice, and once that is lost, he is a goner.

We're all waiting for Strike 3, and there is no Strike 4.

Wait, maybe I'm using the wrong terminology.  How about, Blumenthal is down for the eight-count, and we're at 5?

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  1. As I see it, this latest stunt is strike 3.

    Strike 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxVi1EzUmMI

  2. " But Blumenthal's integrity"
    Once one is know as a liar one has no integrity,IMO.