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Friday, August 13, 2010

Angle-Reid Race Still All About Harry

The latest Mason-Dixon poll, as reported by The Las Vegas Review-Journal, shows that Harry Reid leads Sharon Angle 46-44. This is in line with other polls in the past two weeks showing a virtual dead heat.

Since Reid has made his ability to bring home federal pork a centerpiece of his campaign, it is interesting that a majority of voters say that Reid's influence is not a reason to keep him:
More than half of those surveyed, 51 percent, said the Senate majority leader's influence is not too valuable to give up, while 45 percent said Nevada can't afford to lose his clout, said the survey by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research. Another 4 percent weren't sure.... Among swing nonpartisan voters, 54 percent said Reid's position isn't too valuable and 43 percent disagree.
In perhaps the most important finding at this stage, Reid still is viewed negatively 51-40, while Angle is at 45-37. In short, despite two months of hammering Angle, Reid still is viewed more negatively than Angle.

Angle's new media and campaign strategy, which Jim Gerahty discusses in a good post, seems to be paying off.

The net-net of this poll is that the race is tight, and still is about Harry Reid. Those are good omens for Angle.

Update: Harry Reid, in playing the Hispanic race card the other day, apparently forgot that he sponsored legislation (h/t HotAir) denying birthright citizenship to children of illegal aliens.

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  1. Mason-Dixon? Rasmussen is the bomb.

  2. If it is close on election day, Reid will win. You know he's already got Acorn spawns and SEIU crooks ready to vote early and often.