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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Will They Now Call Harry Reid "Extremist"?

Will they now start calling Harry Reid an "extremist"?
  • Greg Sargent, who never met a Sharron Angle rumor he couldn't spread: "Reid basically threw the whole Dem caucus under the bus." [Insert All-Purpose Democratic Party Quote here]
  • Steve Benen, who never lets "extremist" get separated in a sentence from "Sharron Angle": "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised -- courageous stands are rarely rewarded by voters in competitive contests -- but it's nevertheless disappointing to see Reid make the wrong call."
  • Glenn Greenwald: "Make sure you donate to Reid's campaign, as it's absolutely vital that this Good Democrat wins!"
  • Jed Lewison at Daily Kos: "It's one thing when local politicians express their views, but Reid has no business inserting himself here."
  • Crooks and Liars: "Want to tell Harry that he needs to smarten up? Contact him here."
  • The Alan Colmes: "By claiming he’s supporting the First Amendment while trying to have it both ways, Reid is performing an act of political cowardice."
  • Joan Walsh of Salon.com: "Harry Reid... A Tower Of Jello"

  • Sharron Angle:

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  1. Just in case you needed to know who remained on the now super secret journOlist of hacks.

  2. These aren't journal anything. They are paid Democrat propaganda readers.

  3. It always amazes me that the left sees critisim of their speech as someone telling them to shut up ... when in reality they are being disagreed with ...
    I think what is really going on is that the left would love to tell us to shut up but they know that's a 1st Amendment thingy and they pull back so they assume that their critics really want to tell them to shut up ...
    They all too often accuse others of doing exactly what they would like to do or are actually doing ...

  4. Boy, they sure are hot under the collar. And vicious.

    Isn't Reid now saying, essentially... the same think that Obama backtracked to saying?

  5. This is a great example of how the DUMBOCRAT Party does not allow any independent thought.
    Dear Leader calls the tune and the spineless troops must follow the party line. Deviation is punished or if you stray you are ordered to shut up.
    I know that once you get away from far left there are more Democrat voters that agree with Reid on this one. It's these people Reid is forced to pander to in order to save his job.

  6. You forgot to add "racist" as well.

  7. I don't know why folks'd call Harry an extremist based on his wishy-washy support for the first amendment.
    But wrong?

    All those folks listed (and me, too) think he's wrong, and contrary to 2412Rich's assertions, there's pretty obviously no dictum saying it's against party rules to say so, otherwise those writers'd all be towing the party line, wouldn't they? (I'm not subscribed to either major party, m'self... They've gotten too big to stand for much of anything, anymore...)

    I have little use for labels or for poll-tested or "majority rules" answers, either.

    I see no asterisks attached to the free exercise clause that negate the thing, subject to anyone's feelings or sensitivities. (In fact, the first amendment pretty much guarantees that at some point, every American will be offended or at least have their feelings hurt by something someone says or does. That's kinda the point of the thing.) That these muslims have the right to build the center on ground they own, subject to local zoning laws and whatnot, should be the end of the story. There is no "but..." attached to the first amendment.

    Folks who believe the cultural center shouldn't be built (or shouldn't be built there) have every right to speak up and to protest. And those who think that first group of folks are wrong--including those who think they're expressing bigotry while being wrong--have every right to say so, as well.
    Even if folks don't like what the other side is saying.
    Even if feelings get hurt.
    And even if the pollsters say one side is faring better than the other, according to popular opinion.

    (Being here on what is currently the "faring worse" side, I just keep reminding myself how often the mob has been wrong before, how we don't vote on constitutional rights here in America, regardless, and how win or lose, I'm proudly standing on American principles I think are rock solid, and worth defending.)

    Folks who hold all muslims responsible for what 19 extremist islamists did, and who therefore object to a muslim cultural center 2 blocks from Ground Zero on those grounds, are espousing the very definition of bigotry. (Those questioning financing or offended by something the imam once said, on the other hand, are not bigots... ...not that I can tell, anyway... only they know what's in their hearts. That's not to say that I agree with them either, but at least they're offering a legitimate reason for their opposition.)

    If anyone is telling anyone else to shut up, I haven't seen it. It's all speech and rights and sensitivities, from where I'm standing... Messy, but just as the founders intended. In short, I'm not quite sure what the majority of the five visible comments before mine are trying to say, because I'm surely not seeing what they're seeing...

  8. I know that we don't like when we are called names by others,but there comes a time when it doesn't really matter anymore. When the only weapon the other side has is to call names instead of discussing the issues with facts then you have already won. What they say about Reid, Angle, Busch, Palin or any other individual has no real bearing on the reality with which we all live every day. Give me a politician or a pundit with some ideas and I will listen. Other than that, tired of the whinning by everyone.

  9. That picture of Sargent at the Plumb Line looks like he missed the memo about staff pictures the next morning and went out with Lindsay Lohan on a bender instead.