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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TPM Plays The Minaret Card

Talking Points Memo, which apparently has given up any pretense of becoming a real news organization, is trying to create a scandal out of nothing, by wondering whether Republicans will be upset that the logo for the 2012 convention includes a "minaret."

To understand how stupid this is, and how hard TPM is trying to create something out of nothing, understand that the "minaret" in the logo is a reflection of the spires on the University of Tampa's Plant Hall (which I have visited several times), formerly the Tampa Bay Hotel.

From the TPM post, Does 2012 GOP Convention Logo Include A Minaret?:
The RNC's 2012 convention logo features the Tampa Bay skyline and one of the buildings apparently represented in the logo is what was formerly the Old Tampa Bay Hotel, a prominent feature of the Florida city's skyline. What's interesting is that the Old Tampa Bay Hotel is a product of the so-called "Moorish Revival" architectural style. And the building is graced by six minarets, the small towers built around a mosque to call worshipers to prayer. The minarets even include the spires with half crescents, a well-known symbol of Islam.
TPM anticipates, no tries to stoke, controversy:
And there may be those who wonder how some of the more anti-mosque elements of the GOP might react to such an architectural inclusion.
Yes, because including an image from the Old Tampa Bay Hotel, a landmark in Tampa, is just like ... oh, forget it.

TPM, "all agitation, all the time."

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  1. MSNBC and that silly scrunt Contessa Brewer should be all over this in

  2. T erminally
    P uerile
    M inds

    Some people never grow up.

  3. Sheesh, talking about reaching. As someone who lives just south of Tampa and has worked in Tampa for years I can tell you that the Old Tampa Bay Hotel is our most interesting building (distant second is "The Beer Can" building). I doubt anyone will waste their time being upset about this.

  4. There is clearly Islamic influence in that building's architecture...but I can't see how this will be a big deal to anyone. I might expect something from Mark Williams, but nobody cares what he has to say anyway.

  5. Yikes! Good thing they aren't holding their convention in the Grand Canyon! Nothing but phallic symbols everywhere you look!

  6. I always thought it was weird listening to liberals tell us conservatives what we are supposed to be offended by. Like Sullivan’s entire Trig Truther theory is built around the idea that conservatives would never accept a vice president whose daughter got knocked up. Which is kind of dispelled by the fact that later the same daughter got knocked up for real, and we didn’t get offended. And even non-Trig-Truthers seemed to think this was something that would bother conservatives. Um, no. Or we were supposed to be offended that two daughters, Piper and Willow were named after TV witches. Forget the factual stupidity of claiming that she named her daughters after characters who were not even on the air before those children were born, are they under the impression that no conservatives watch Buffy or Charmed? (Yes, I am sad to say I know which exact shows they are referring to, thanks to my wife’s viewing preferences.) Seriously do they think we are conservative or Amish?

    So the left is busy claiming that the objection to the ground zero mosque is Islamic hatred (despite the fact that in fact several Muslims have voiced agreement with the opposition to the GZM). And TPM finds a minaret in a GOP thing which is evidence that the GOP doesn’t hate all mosques. That could have led them to reexamine their biases. Instead they just go, “ZOMG, what are those redneck bigots going to think of this?”

    And you notice that conservatives very rarely play that game. I would say the big exception to that is wondering why lefties aren’t more opposed to the Taliban and AQ. But to be blunt, that is based on straightforward discussions of stated beliefs. Like liberals are for gay rights. The Taliban literally murdered gay people for being gay. Liberals are for equality between the sexes and well, do I even have to finish that sentence? I mean that doesn’t take a wild attempt to read their culture. You take what they have literally said and apply it.

  7. This isn't an RNC logo, it's the Tampa Bay Host Committee's logo.

  8. From what I saw on the link, it looks more like something from Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.

  9. TPM are slandering idiots. I'm not 'afraid' of the NYC mosque, I'm grossly offended by its proximity to Ground Zero and the shady backers behind it. It doesn't scare me, it sickens me.

  10. Also, the concept and existence of minarets and that style of architecture did exist before Islam and was the style of many parts of the East Islamic and otherwise. For instance, quite a few synagogues are in that style. Not that TPM would know any of this.

  11. Are you kidding me? How can you possibly believe that TPM is serious about this and not making fun of Islamophobia on the right?