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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Simpler, Happier Time in America


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  1. This video completely creeped me out the first time I heard it when it surfaced during 08. Literally, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I was filled with a sense of poorly defined unease.

    Maybe some other more astute readers will be able to provide examples of a totalarian/suppressive regime that didn't rely upon some form of forced youth generated propaganda. The comparisons to a "Dear Leader" vibe make me really queasy.

  2. The main problem with this sort of propaganda is the emotional distress of these children after the 4th (or 8th) year of Obama's presidency. Where is their awesome change leader then?

    So either disillusioned youth due to their zealous wards, or Obama becomes supreme leader without term limits.

    Which do you think the people in this video would have?

  3. Creepy. Not. Watching. Again.

  4. When I saw this in '08 I was sick to my stomach. Who would do this to their kids - and why would the think it's okay? Then I found out more about The Marxist "redistributive" Won and got even more queasy.

    I feel for the kids. They have been brainwashed. They don't have a chance of learning anything else with their parents and school pushing this indoctrination on them.

    Was that really a simpler, happier time? I wonder how many of those parents regret their Obama support. I know a few die-hard libs; their kids are quite vocal about their "love" for Obama. Blind. Ignorant. Helpless.

    Thankfully I am seeing so many more now who are anti-Obama policy, standing up and supporting truth, the Constitution, and protecting our liberty. Remember in November.....or this might just be the future for our kids.

  5. We can show this video to them, in the future, to remind them how much they wanted ObamaCare and to 'rearrange things'.

    They can whistle that happy tune while they work long and hard, day in and day out to pay for it all.

  6. No better illustration of brainwashing in America can be found. Hold that school board strictly responsible.

  7. Here's a link to a video of Mike Stopa who is running for congress in the MA 3rd district which makes nice use of the creepy Obama zombie kids.

  8. I'm with everyone on these comments - this video gave me chills - because you could see the direction these parents wanted the country to go. A new dawn, with a new type of leader who we all worshipped now. Things were going to be... much better now. Everyone would be made to understand. And obey. And we would all be happy.

  9. Perhaps there is some justice. If there is the parents of these Venice Ca kids will find themselves too broke to continue sending them to private schools and they will see first hand how Obama changed their world.

  10. It hurts my heart to see this. Is this what our Founding Fathers fought for? I think not. But this gives me hope:


    I pray these people get this charter school up and running.

  11. I have seen the future of America, and we don't have one.

  12. The kids are bad enough to watch. But then look at the faces of the adults, their eyes and faces display a simplicity that is beyond belief. I have seen similar expressions at religious revivals. People who have let their reason go and are operating on very little of their frontal cortex.