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Friday, August 27, 2010

Now They're Really Pissed

The Eliminationist theorists in the left-wing blogosphere thought they finally had their man. 

Having struck out with the Anti-Muslim Cabbie Stabber in the quest to prove that there is a rising tide of right-wing violence instigated by Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and wingnuts, the Eliminationist theorists were cheered by reports yesterday that a man entered a Mosque in New York City, shouted anti-Muslim epithets, and proceeded to urinate on the rugs. 

Finally, they had their proof, and they were not going to let the opportunity go to waste:
  • Little Green Footballs:  "I’m sure this has absolutely nothing to do with the non-stop anti-Muslim hate speech pouring out of Fox News, right wing websites, talk radio and shrieking harpy Pamela Geller."
  • HuffPo: "In another brazen anti-Muslim incident, a man wandered into a mosque in Queens Wednesday night, shouting racial slurs and urinating on prayer rugs." [strike through apparently added afterwards]
  • Oliver Willis: "It’s like some political movement in the country is whipping up irrational hatred and bigotry towards a group of people who are different."
  • Loonwatch:  "The backlash against Muslims continues. I am sure Islamophobes will give this guy a break and say he was drunk, but do you think they would have given Mel Gibson the same break for his drunken anti-Semitic tirade?"
  • New York Magazine:  "Last night a drunk man barged into a Queens mosque and urinated on prayer rugs while shouting anti-Muslim slurs. Another isolated incident? Or the continuation of a scary new trend?"

Oh, they had their Eliminationist alright.  But there was a catch.  The Mosque Urinator was an eliminationist with a small "e".

You see, the Mosque Urinator was just a really drunk guy who had to pee really, really badly, and stumbled into a building where he eliminated.  Turns out he didn't even know he was in a Mosque, and didn't make any anti-Muslim comments.

The post at TPM Editors Blog shows the history of the story:
Using A Different Weapon

Last night in Queens Omar Rivera walked into the al-Imam Mosque on 24 Steinway Street with a bottle of beer and penis in hand and proceeded to urinate on the congregation's prayer rugs while uttering various anti-Muslim slurs curses.

The "clearly very intoxicated" Rivera was taken into custody by the NYPD.

Late Update: The New York Post originally reported Rivera using 'anti-Muslim slurs'. But they've now revised their story. The NYPD would not confirm to TPM whether Rivera's curses were tied to Islam. And subsequent reporting by the Washington Post suggests Rivera was so drunk he probably didn't know he was in a Mosque. So probably just your standard random urination in place of worship issue.

Later Update: NYPD now confirming to TPM that they are not treating this as a bias case.
What a relief.

But not to the Eliminationist theorists.  They're just pissed.

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  1. ha ha ha! and eww.

  2. I'm really getting upset too.

    Our US government apparently runs a website where one finds such gems as:


    Try finding a US gov website praising Christians in America.

  3. I challenge all these people howling about the raising anti-Muslim tide in the US to do two things: 1)Find me an example, anywhere on the planet, anytime where the reaction to a 9/11 event was so mild and 2) actually listen to/watch a Glen Beck show

  4. The less provocative but equally interesting part of this is the tendency for journalists (and now bloggers) to seek “narrative” by trying to connect dots that don’t actually connect.

    In the nineties we saw a spate of news stories about church burnings, speculating on the “ominous” trends that those fires might represent.

    Statistics later showed that there were no more church fires during that time than at any other—there were just more news stories about church fires.

  5. Too bad this is only the beginning. With the millions of muslims here in the tri-state, every time one of them gets cut off in traffic it will be put down to the mosque controversy and blamed on Fox News. But, what else is new?

    Most Americans are too smart to fall for it though. We know how good and tolerant America truly is, even if there are a few bad apples. So let the fear mongers play their games.

  6. Those rugs really held the room together.

  7. So when it doesn't fit their narrative, it's an "isolated incident?"

  8. Genuinely funny, Steven Colbert summed it up nicely - we now have our first reported case of criminal trespissing.

  9. Now this is funny...the incident itself, the predictable moonbat attempts to exploit it, and your commentary on it. LOL...