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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Land of 10,000 Bumper Stickers

I thought Oregon was going to be hard to beat, but Minnesota has taken up the challenge:

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  1. By any chance, is that Al Franken's car?

  2. At least this bozo doesn't have the most offensive bumper sticker of all - the COEXIST bumper sticker.

  3. Is that a "Support Your Local Economy" on a Honda?

  4. Conspicuously absent: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." That particular slogan will not again be operative until at least January 20, 2013.

  5. It is of course a Honda. Most hyper libs like this will be found driving in foreign cars, because they have an inbred distaste for anything American made. Thanks for supporting your brothers and sisters in Detroit by buying a Honda, pal!

  6. What's with the Cornell sticker, professor?

  7. Amazing.

    A vehicle of wrongheadedness limited only by surface area.

    Think of what that person could achieve if he/she drove a van.

  8. "By any chance, is that Al Franken's car?"
    No, I've seen Al Franken's car. It's a very tip-top end Porche 911, blue, with a huge spoiler. Not kidding. And where were Che and "Free Tibet" on this one?

  9. Dear Lord,

    I ask but one thing, in your mercy. An hour with that car and a black Sharpie marker.