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Friday, August 13, 2010

Yow - McMahon Down Just Single Digits In CT-Sen

Rasmussen just released a poll showing Linda McMahon down 47-40 to Richard Blumenthal. This represents the closed closest poll so far (I think), but more important, shows Blumenthal under 50%:
Support for McMahon is unchanged from last month, despite her GOP Primary win on Tuesday. Blumenthal’s support is down six points since then. In June, Blumenthal held a 56% to 33% lead over McMahon, the former head of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment.
Since March, support for Blumenthal against McMahon has ranged from 48% to 60%, while she has largely remained in the 30s. Her support spiked briefly to 45% in May just after a New York Times report that Blumenthal had embellished his military record in public statements over the years.
I predicted back in early June that The Blumenthal Vietnam Story Has Legs, and it certainly seems so.

Blumenthal's prevarication over his service in Vietnam, or lack thereof, has eaten away at his numbers and persona like a gangrenous battle wound.

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  1. Why would any human being support a person that lied. If they are't telling the truth about something as easy to verify as Vietnam military service, one has to know that they will lie about things that are difficult to verify.

  2. This represents the closed poll so far...

    I know you mean closest, but some of your readers may not be as attuned as me.


  3. I would like your attention to the MA-5 Cong district race. IMO, it can easily be won by GOP against the political hack Niki Tsongas. Jon Golnik seems to be a Scott Brown type candidate but lacking momentum so far. He is the only viable one to win against Tsongas and be the only GOP rep from MA.

  4. Blumenthal's knack for hyperbole has even caught the attention of the Yale Alumni Magazine, which mentions both his Vietnam fib and the "mistaken impression" he conveyed(i.e., lie)that he was captain of the Harvard Swim Team. See http://www.yalealumnimagazine.com/yotw/index.html, at May 21.) As an added treat, the Magazine was nice enough to link to this site for more on the swim story: http://www.yalealumnimagazine.com/yotw/index.html