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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Demand a Palin Eye Roll Commission

We have to get to the bottom of this.

There is no higher national purpose than to determine whether Sarah Palin rolled her eyes when a propester[*] carrying an anti-Palin banner asserted that she was a teacher.

Via Andrew Sullivan and the other members of the Sarah Palin Body Part Brigade, a slow motion recreation of the scene of the crime (neither Mr. Zapruter nor Keith Hernandez could be reached for comment):

And, I want Alaska family services involved because this all took place in front of Palin's daughter (via Sullivan):

Well, you make the call. Did she roll her eyes at the mention of the word "teacher" in front of her own daughter?
(Please ignore the photo in Sullivan's post of the type of boots Palin was wearing. Palin's feet are outside the scope of the inquisition, as is her uterus. We are bound to follow the ancient legal doctrine of "one body part per commission.")

[* This originally was a typo I didn't catch, but now that I noticed it, I kind of like the term; it certainly conveys a meaning not already accounted for in the word "protester." If we can have a living constitution, why not a living language? I think this sort of thing could catch on.]

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  1. The wonder of slo-mo!! Using technology only for the most important issues, of course!

    Ahhhh, the left. How I will enjoy their heads exploding* when they're given the pink slip in November! Now, if only we could fire* the LSM......

    *disclaimer (for the leftist trolls): the phrase "heads exploding" is merely rhetorical and not intended to promote violence in any way; also, the term "fire" in the last sentence is used as a verb (as in "job elimination"), not a noun (as in "burned by fire"). Absolutely no violent act is intended.

  2. They want to make a stink out of the alleged Palin eye-roll. We can bring up the thousands of pictures of ME-Chelle's snarling face and wicked glare.

  3. I adore your typo. It is SO Sarah. Portmanteaux will be worn.

  4. OMG Liberals lie?!@#$ Whodathuk it? But Ronnie was still a bad President and dont you forget it!

  5. propester - I thought it was just a new word combo that seems to be going on.

    Hey, I read that the person was a radio person and was doing this "protest" as a way of getting noticed, so this was a "prop", so propester seemed like a logical new word to describe the event.


  6. Maybe a subcommittee of the commission can take over the California Attorney General's investigation into how Sarah Palin was allowed to give a speech on a Cal State campus. He's really too busy campaigning to give it the attention the incident deserves.

  7. "Sarah Palin Body Part Brigade" = 100% approval, sir. Today, it was her eye, her brow, and her feet (or more precisely, I suppose, her footwear). In previous iterations of his insanity, it's been her hand, her uterus, and of course, her brain.

    I think it's time that Andrew Sullivan names a single body part of Sarah Palin for which he has no fascination.