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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lamest Comment To Lamest Post

Lamest comment to Lamest Online Insult Ever:
"That Reynolds, Althouse and William Jacobson are employed as faculty at US law schools tells you all you need to know about how debased the law is in this kkkountry."
There was a time when they actually were funny over there.  Now, I think they're just depressed because it hasn't worked out quite as they expected.

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  1. ...yet another indication that ole time progressive Hopey-Changy Thang just didn't work out.

    There is no bitterness quite like liberal bitterness.

  2. My pitiful little blog has finally attracted a "hate" comment from a typical leftist named "anonymous"!

  3. Three out of thousands. There might be some truth in that comment, but I'm pretty sure it's not what the commenter intended. I'm just as sure that the commenter would fail to see the irony.