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Friday, August 13, 2010

Coffee Party Grows Cold

After the sophomoric "F*ck Tea" campaign started by a prominent progressive organizer hit the internet this week, I wondered, what ever happened to the Coffee Party.

Apparently, not much.

The Coffee Party has grown cold, as this August 4, 2010, post on the Coffee Party national website laments, Reversing the Coffee Party's decline:

Having visited Coffee Party chapters in two states, and having heard from other city and state organizers, I definitely know we're in decline. Chapters have folded, events are less well-attended, and morale is at a low.
I always suspected that many of the mostly middle-aged male attendees at Coffee Party events were simply trying to meet women. And the women attendees had no clue because they actually believed in the amorphous cause.

The Coffee Party is planning a national convention in Louisville in September. Likely to be the Coffee Party's first and last hurrah, so guys, get in on it while it lasts.

Update 8-15-2010: The Coffee Party has removed the post from its website, after a link here from Instapundit must have caught their attention. But, I already captured the post and will be running it in full, along with an explanation of the Coffee Party's attempt to hide its failure, on 8-16-2010. Check back.

Update 8-15-2010: New post is up, Post About Coffee Party Decline Removed From Its Website

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  1. > I always suspected that many of the mostly middle-aged male attendees at Coffee Party events were simply trying to meet women. And the women attendees had no clue because they actually believed in the amorphous cause.

    my running theory is that about 50% of the modern liberal movement is all a plan by guys to get laid.

    "Hey girls, you should be liberated from like your bras. yeah, um, you should burn them!"

    "We should break out of the patriarchal marriage complex. with free love."

    "Of course you should be able to have access to birth control and abortion. that way we can have sex without consequence."

    Not to mention the frission of being a cool radical, and so on.

    Although to be fair, futurama made a very convincing case that all of human civilization is based on a need to attract the opposite sex. or in the case of broadway, the same sex.

  2. Is the name 'Coffee Party' racist? I mean that implies that they only have brown members. I mean at least tea is multicultural, you have black tea, white tea, multicolored teas. But coffee comes in only the dark varieties. So who is being exclusionary?

  3. Sure, 'nough, A.W. A lot of liberalism boils down to "Tell people what they want to hear, then avoid the natural consequences at all costs."

    Not a coincidence that it matches up with the Playa's code.

  4. the Coffee Grounds Party...

  5. C P USA.

    Where have I seen that before?

  6. Showbiz111 you should be roasted for your racist remarks. But that would require bold action.

    The Onion had an article on males supporting liberal causes: it had a picture of a man holding a sign that said something about "I'm protesting whatever my girlfriend objects to."

    Those middle aged men looking to get laid: they must REALLY be desperate. Or deaf. Or both. Maybe blind as well.

  7. Actually I thought the "coffee party" was a rather transparent and lame attempt to counter the "tea party", and nothing more than that.

    That is, until the "f*ck tea" movement started. I suppose calling it a "coffee party" just wasn't sophomoric enough.

    The bottom line is: the tea partiers object to out of control government spending. That is a solid, meaningful core ideal -- whether you agree with it or not.

    What do these people believe in? They hate the tea partiers, I get that. Are they just about hate, dressed up in the clothing of progressivism? Looks like it to me.

  8. They'll have better luck with a Kool-Aid Party.

  9. I really think the Coffee party should be mercifully left alone.

    First, because the founder did have the stones to tell the Professional Protesters to go piss up a rope when they tried to incorporate her little party into the newest member of the ANSWER/Rainbow/anti-glob/ anti-capitalist/anarchist/ACORN Movement of Solidarity and Change.

    Second, because at least three quarters of the Coffee Party's press coverage is ridicule of their latest plea for relevance.

    What can I say? I respect a liberal who will refuse to brick the window of the Starbucks she drinks at. We can't get intelligence from them, so we should settle for precious sobriety.

  10. I figure that the Communist Party had some left over T-shirts with their initials.

  11. Progressives are so reactionary snd that is a losing strategy. People cannot maintain "against" as a life goal for very long. That's what did in Air America.

    A clue for the lonely hearts: The hot women are at conservative groups. However, you need to have your head on straight if you go there.

  12. There's a group of us regulars at the coffee shop, and every morning we solve all the world's problems.

    One of the guys (an ex-Greyhound driver) bought a bus. (Well, he bought three actually, the first one was a greyhound bus, and needed work, which he sold and traded up for the second one was a tour bus that a motorcycle team used to travel, with 9 bunks, and the third was a gorgeous tour bus with marble steps and a master suite, but i digress...)

    We joked about going on tour, all of us in his bus, hitting coffee shops all across the country, and calling it the "Solving the World's Problems Tour."

    We coulda called it the Coffee Party - but now the whole thing has been tainted.

  13. Here's a video parody in which the Coffee Party meets the Kool Aid Man: http://www.youtube.com/user/Optoons#p/u/16/DBOJrlKyfIE

  14. Oops, it's been taken down. Nothing left but a sad 404.

    It was easy to spot because it attracted more hits that the entire rest of the site combined..