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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tea Party Movement More Popular Than Harry Reid

Harry Reid's entire campaign is centered around painting Sharron Angle and the Tea Pary movement as extremist. But in the opinion of the American public, the extremist is not the Tea Party movement:

The American public has a more positive view of the Tea Party movement than both leaders of the majority party in Congress, according to a poll released Wednesday.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed that 30 percent view the grassroots conservative groups very or somewhat positively compared to 34 percent who view them very or somewhat negatively.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was seen positively by 21 percent of those polled and 46 percent viewed her negatively.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) received a lower positive rating, 11 percent, but also a lower negative rating of 31 percent.

Now it's up to the voters in Nevada to get the job done for the rest of us.

Update: Video of Reid dodging the question of why he puts all Hispanic voters into the Democratic Party pidgeonhole, playing on racial stereotypes and bias:

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  1. It would be interesting to see Reid and Pelosi's positives and negatives after months of false charges of racism and incivility by the MSM.

  2. The article that you link to is terribly misleading. Although it does say that the Tea Party is more popular than individual democrats, it doesn't take a law professor to see that the Republican Party and it's alter-ego, the Tea Party, are both LESS popular than the Democratic party, the only comparable entity. You guys talk so much about how the Tea Party is this "revolution" and that "all Americans are so angry," but you never acknowledge that for all that talk, the Republicans and the Tea party are STILL less popular than the party in charge during difficult economic times. Care to offer an explanation?

  3. And I forgot to mention, as it says right there in the excerpt you post, the Tea Party has a net 4 UNFAVORABLE rating. Again, would you like to explain how the grassroots movement linking all right-thinking Americans that is sweeping the nation and will deliver historic electoral victories in the fall is viewed, as a whole, negatively by the American people?

  4. Well, Joshua, the short answer is there's preference falsification going on. Most of America agrees with the Tea Party agenda, but because of MSM's smear campaign is reluctant to endorse the TP by name so as not to appear racist.

    This doesn't matter much, though. They are still going to vote against the Democrat agenda. Reality is reality.