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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mike Stopa for Congress (MA-03)

Mike Stopa is running in the September 14 Republican primary for Congress in the MA-03 District, currently (and hopefully not for long) occupied by Jim McGovern.

Check out Stopa's YouTube channel, which has some great videos on how to kill Obamacare, as well as this one (which includes some scenes familiar to my readers):

Maggie's Notebook has a good write-up on Stopa, with plenty of links to his articles and positions.

By all means visit his website, and contribute.

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  1. According to the data I saved from Fox 25 of voting results from the special election, which Scott Brown won. All of MA-03, voted Brown, except for Fall River and Worcester, who voted Coakley.

    It's frustrating to not be able to physically place the vote, to vote them out. But giving your support is the next best thing.

  2. I've seen Mike Stopa in debate mode. He will blow McGovern away, especially on Obamacare!

  3. You do realize that you're promoting a candidate with more FEC violations then Charlie Rangel right?

    He has yet to file his INITIAL financial disclosure forms, so we have no idea who is donating to his campaign: (if anyone)


    If that's not bad enough none of his campaign literature is FEC complient. Everything he CONTINUES to put out all lacks the legally required "Paid for by XXXXXXX"

    This is from his own Facebook page!


    It doesn't matter how book smart he is, McGovern will destroy him in a debate for his lack of compliance to election laws and his inability to handle his own financial matters.

  4. Word is there has been no error in election laws--Mike Stopa is honest. I've met him and even volunteered for him. Why? Because he speaks from the heart, is polite to everyone, and has been a conservative for a very long time. He's educated on the issues, AND he has a plan. I want a representative in the House that will truly respect my tax dollar opinion, and for that matter will work hard to lower taxes. Whoever is blogging their own smear campaign is wasting time. Vote STOPA FOR US REP . COM He's been working since he was 24 lecturing classes and speaking-I don't really think anyone could destroy him in a debate.

  5. @Dorsey - You appear to be a troll, which is a good sign for Stopa that his opponents feel the need to put these sort of comments around the blogosphere. When you have something concrete behind which you are willing to stand, then I'll give some credibility to your accusations.