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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Night Card Game (I Hate That Word)

This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

I will not use that word even to talk about the word.  I will not say the word even in condemning people who call other people the word.  I also will hesitate to say words that sound like the word even if they mean something completely different, because the word is that bad. 

If it were up to some people, the word would be removed from the dictionary, as if the word, and not the thought behind the word, were the problem.

I hope we all can agree that no one ever should be called the word, even by comedians or people who are not comedians but are trying to be funny.  There is nothing funny about the word.

Anyone who uses the word should not be on television or radio.  Because those airwaves belong to all of us.

The fact that some people who are called the word have used the word themselves, in a different context, makes no difference.

Do not use the word.  Period.

You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

I'd tell you myself, but then I'd have to use the word.

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  1. Yeah, I too wish the many pedants among us would stop using the word "panglossian".

  2. Mmmm, interesting post. I am glad I clicked on the links because I was thinking of an entirely different word and it wasn't "panglossian."

    I have no problem using a word if it calls attention to the hate that is behind it. I just finished reading The Help which used a word other than "panglossian" repeatedly. It probably couldn't have been written without it. Context does matter.

    If we are going to eliminate the use of words though, there are a few that I have a problem with. I find that "T" word offensive but no more so than the "B" word that rhymes with spigot. While we're at it let's get rid of the "R" word that must be spelled with 5 A's. All three are used with the same intent.

  3. Defusing the effectiveness of that word by laughing at them when they use it... priceless.

    I am surprised they didn't think of using the word gringo in conjunction with that word re:SB1070.

  4. "Words. Just words." Remember that speech from the 2008 election? His "words" are turning to gravel in the Kool-aid drinker's mouths. That is what happens to those who lie, to those who believe the lies.

    Words have power. The Alinsky manual (Rules for Radicals) teaches how to use them for evil, tyrannical purposes.

    Rachel, Keith: you must have passed your Alinsky-indoctrination classes with A+ grades! He would be so proud.

  5. Oh, I thought you meant the word cr*cker.

  6. It won't save you from being called a racist for opposing any Obama policies ... your skin color is all that some people require ...

  7. I had assumed a referrence to the growing list of letters (formerly only F and N) with a "-word" following it...I truly hate those expressions.