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Friday, August 20, 2010

Think Progress: Obama Should Not Have To "Bible Thump on C-SPAN"

Amanda Terkel, one of the lead writers at Think Progress, is exasperated that the "right-wing" has convinced the "media" that Obama's religion is open to question (emphasis mine):
While journalists and pundits on cable news today did acknowledge the “media” have had a role to play, they also seemed to place some of the blame on Obama and his staff, saying that perhaps the President should go to church more frequently and more openly to show the public that he truly is Christian....First of all, Obama should not have to be bible-thumping on C-SPAN every Sunday in order to prove how Christian he is. Second of all, the poll leaves out a very important source of this misinformation: the irresponsible right wing.
What we have here really is a failure to communicate.  The image-keepers at Think Progress and at the White House do not seem to understand that Obama's failure to connect has nothing to do with bible-thumping on C-SPAN or not.

No one really knows who Obama is, because almost everything we know about Obama prior to his entering public life comes from Obama alone.

Obama has so carefully controlled his image that he has achieved the opposite effect.

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  1. Precisely. Just what is in his past that he is so adamant about hiding? My suspicion of this character grows each day, as does millions of Americans. If Hussein wants to quell such horrible "groupthink" of the "irresbonsible right" (thanks Amanda!) then he should release his protected information....college transcripts, long-form birth certificate and eat some pork BBQ with a dog sitting in his lap and licking him in the mouth!

  2. Obama was to the every political faction left of centers, creation in the making, dream come true. They all kind of patched him together with all their ideology. He's their "Frankenstein".

    And we all know how this plays out....although they do love parts of him, there's too much missing. Back to the drawing board.

  3. Theresa, I like that "Frankenstein" analogy and know what you mean, however, it is Frankenstein's "MONSTER"!

    I do know that while Obama was an Illinois state senator, induced abortions were occurring where there were some babies born alive and "shelved" until they suffocated. Obama voted "present" for their protection and ultimately voted against their protection when the $$$ of Planned Parenthood attracted him. Dr. Frankenstein, NO. MONSTER, YES!
    Peace, G

  4. The frankenstein story was more about how he was misunderstood and the rhodes scholars who attacked him but, whatever. George Bush never picked a church in his eight years in office but that didn't make me question his intelligence or his lack of morality. His other actions did. Over 7,000 Americans have died in Bush's wars in the course of 8 years, and for what?

  5. People who spend millions of dollars to hide information that is typically publicly available (life birth certificates, school records and so forth) do not inspire trust and confidence. No one puts that much effort in hiding information unless it would be embarrassing.

    Faced with a vacuum, what we imagine may not be as bad as the truth. So why not just come out and disclose the truth instead of calling everyone names? We aren't the problem here.

  6. I'm not sure who is calling names but Obamas birth certificate and school records have been publicly available for years now. What does not inspire trust is birthers who would rather believe a lie because they hate our president rather than argue the point on its merits. If you believe that the Angles, rands and becks of this world are making reasonable arguments about multiple amendments to the constitution, eliminating social security and medicare along with tax cuts for the richest 2percent of the population while raising our deficit and doing nothing about the employment problem, then just say so. The republicans are trying to block any legislation that might help our country because they want Obama to fail and have high unemployment in November. That's the only way they see to win back power. Their vision for the country hasn't changed much since bush, exept for having gotten more conservative and divisive.

  7. What I find hilarious is that the Left almost uniformly ridicules anyone who has "faith"; particularly if it is Christian faith. A white candidate belonging to a similar church would never have risen past local dogcatcher.

    Now--the very sorts that assign anyone who believes to the nut case/moron category are loudly proclaiming Obama to be a true believer--leave him alone.

    BTW, I am atheist, but one that respects those that do believe.

  8. George: You are delusional that his records are available. His Illinois senate records are "lost". Grow a pair and smell the coffee. The "right wing" isnt the problem.

  9. George, do you have a link to Hussein's school transcripts? The Republicans don't have to pull any stunts, this regime is doing the work for them!

  10. After years of hearing Progressives joke about people having a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” we are now told that we should believe that Obama has an unseen “personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” Some joke.

    Frankly, this man wears religion like a suit, different religions for different occasions, a "religious camelion." Quite cynical if you ask me. Frank Marshall Davis taught him well.

    He’s an agnostic.

  11. i write out my thoughts here.


    and my basic thought is this. You know it all makes me think of a bit of dialogue from south park. the four friends are in the hall, and Eric Cartman is trying to convince the rest of them that 9-11 was a conspiracy.

    Cartman: Kyle, why are you so afraid of the truth?!
    Kyle: Because anybody who thinks 9/11 was a conspiracy is a retard!
    Cartman: Oh really? Well did you know that over one-fourth of people in America think that 9/11 was a conspiracy? Are you saying that one-fourth of Americans are retards?
    Kyle: Yes. I'm saying one-fourth of Americans are retards.
    Stan: Yeah, at least one-fourth.
    Kyle: Let's take a test sample: There's four of us, you're a retard, that's one-fourth.

    so 1/4 of people think that obama is a muslim. 1/4 also don't know that we rebelled against Britain, and 6% of those don't even know we had a revolution. So there you go.

  12. george: I am not a birther and consider that line of attack a waste of time but you are wrong to say that Obama's birth certificate and school records have been public record for years. That is just not true. Obama has and continues to block access to most of his official information.

    If all of this info is public, why then is Obama paying lawyers millions of dollars to block access?

    Links please.

  13. George,

    Are you a paid troll or is it just your hobby to share misinformation?

  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama_citizenship_conspiracy_theories


    There are plenty of other places to look, but if you're not really looking, whatever contradicts your world view won't register, even if it has a million citations.

  15. ZOMG!! Oh noes!! not the eduinreview BLOG! now there is a factual source, George! and a Wikipaedia link as well!

    Now, please excuse me while I go laugh myself silly.

  16. oh, and to top it off the BLOG states that his scholastic performance improved as soon as he laid off the drugs!

    A liberal friend of mine was all excited when GW first got in the white house because of a photoshopped picture of W holding a bong. boy, did his view change!

  17. George -

    Your link to eduinreview.com yields a short little guesstimate about what Obama's grades "may have been" (although to be fair it notes he graduated Harvard Law school "magna cum laude"). Even so, THERE ARE NO GRADES AVAILABLE. The only history we have of this man is what he tells us himself. No "old drinking buddies" have surfaced; no former girlfriends; students in the classes he apparently attended don't remember him.

    He has been nicknamed "President Zero" for a reason: he's a cipher.

  18. http://lajuntablog.blogspot.com/2010/08/get-off-his-case-and-moveon.html

    This continuing drivel over Obama's religion, or lack thereof, is pathetic. Don't these people have anything important to worry about?

    We old farts remember the shock and dismay over John Kennedy's Catholicism. "Will his loyalty be to the nation or to the Pope?" It went on and on. He even had to come out and assure everyone he was "OK" in spite of being a Catholic. I mean, not only was Kennedy not a "real" Christian, but he was a Papist to boot.

    What are these characters going to do if Mitt Romney gets the GOP nomination? Are Mormons "real Christians"? Not by the lights of self-styled "Christians". They are heretics, what with those golden tablets and all.

    Let's see ... some of our GOP'ers want to repeal the 14th Amendment. Some of them want to amend the amendment. While we're at it, why don't they see about doing away with Article VI section 3:

    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

    That really does get in the way of this being a "Christian" nation, doesn't it?

    Find something important to worry about. Obama's religion or lack thereof ain't it.

    If you don't get it, please watch this:


  19. Cat.....Christianity does NOT advocate strapping yourself with explosives to kill the "infidels". Christianity has everything to do with loving your enemy. If I were to come across anyone..ANYONE...in need my Christian faith allows me to assist. Personally I could care less what "flavor" his religion is but I cannot respect someone who goes to such pains to hide his past. I know it is cheesy but you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything.
    PS....I'm a hard-core conservative but I sure love me some kitties!

  20. Scooter,
    Islam does NOT advocate strapping yourself with explosives to kill the "infidels" either. There's nut-jobs in every faith, thanks for playing. Cat's right, Obama's faith is a non-issue.

  21. I DO have a problem with a president who sat through 20 years' worth of Jeremiah Wright's vile sermons, a president who counts Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger as "close friends."