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Sunday, August 29, 2010

When Do We Get A Vacation?

Obama still is on vacation.  Goodly for him.

When do we get a vacation from the Democrats' relentless expansion of the federal government into every facet of our lives?

The massive pieces of legislation passed in the past 18 months were just the opening shots.  Now come the regulations and the Executive Orders, which will take place regardless of what happens in November.

I don't know about you, but this August has been anything but relaxing.

He's resting up, and we're on the verge of exhaustion.

Sounds like a plan.

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  1. Well, 3 days before my year long awaited, planned and paid for one week family vacation this year, 1/2 of the IT Dept. at DJ was outsourced to India. I WONDER WHY??

    Thankfully the dear children didn't let on to how quiet, tired or drunk, DH and I were over the bad news. We didn't sleep a wink between us and honestly it was a blur. He left the Cape for 2 of the days to interview.

    I guess I'm saying there was no real relaxing down time for us this year. Along with millions of others, for sure. At the rate the economy is going, who knows about next year. I am not booking anything. I'm gonna wing it.

    My DH is now the last hired and the first fired. That's something I can bank on!

  2. Fact checker indicated BO's vacation days are on par with w's at this point in the presidency.

    True dat?