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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Media Matters Needs To Run More Ads Like This

Media Matters wants to prove that is can take on Fox News. 

Media Matters wants to run an advertisement on Fox News criticizing the parent of Fox News for donating $1 million to the Republican Governors Association.  Politico has the background.

Here is the ad, after some back and forth between Media Matters and Fox News, which will run.

Am I missing something here? This sounds like a Republican ad.

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  1. Great ad. That's something to celebrate about Fox News and about the stupidity of the Democrats.

  2. Whoever is in charge of "stategery" for MM is a genius! I encourage them to do more like this!

  3. That MediaMatters AD will teach 'em. Yeah...

    Teach us who to thank for that 1 million dollar donation that is.

    Thank You News Corp! Send a bottle of El Patron Añejo to Rupert. I happen to know it is a favorite of his. ;)

    The Left is scared out of its wits that private sector companies will campaign money-bomb them out of existence.

    Gee... why the paranoia? what with all the *cough* good *cough* they have been doing the last four years.

  4. That's... well, that is... er, wow, I'm stumped! Is it possible that MM has changed its stripes and is now supporting a free market economy?

    Nah, I didn't think so either. Must be just plain stoopid.

  5. Best Republican ad to come out this year! How could they think this would hurt Fox or Republicans?

    Delusional, I guess. Drinking their own brand of kool-aid for too long has its effects.

  6. i guess dr evil wasnt available for comment.....

  7. Unfortunately, the people this ad would resonate with, like the creators, don't watch Fox News. I shows how completely tone deaf the left is, I hope they stay that way. I wonder what negative images are conjured up in their minds when they hear "power of the free markets." I use to think like them, and I can't figure this one out.

  8. Wow... Do you suppose that it's dawned on the dunces at Media Matters that by paying for this warm and fuzzy ad, they're subsidizing News Corps' investment in the RGA?

  9. Shame they forgot to mention that FOX donated at least that much, if not a bit more, to Democratic candidates. Gotta love the spin.

  10. Left-wing extremists and right-wing ones are more alike than they choose to admit.