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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christine O'Donnell's HISTORIC Nomination

Christine O'Donnell's nomination is HISTORIC because if she wins, she will be the first female Senator from Delaware. Ever.

This is big and HISTORIC.  Which should guarantee overwhelmingly favorable mainstream media coverage.  Because we are not allowed to be against HISTORIC candidates, particularly one who will break the glass ceiling.

So why isn't the media touting the HISTORIC nomination of Christine O'Donnell?

Because Christine O'Donnell may be a HISTORIC candidate but she is not a HISTORIC Democratic candidate, like Martha Coakley.

Instead, MSNBC and The NY Times are keenly focused on Christine O'Donnell's views on sex.

Unfortunately, such mainstream media treatment of conservative women is not HISTORIC.

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  1. Add in MSM treatment of "good-looking conservative women who promote responsibility, morals and ethics are treated poorly". Haven't seen anyone pick on Paladino's views on sex yet. Maybe he should wear a skirt and heels to get some attention.

  2. As of 2008.... "historic" only matters to the Left if a man is the one making history.


    I guess that is why they call it *his* toric.

  3. Right. O'Donnell may not share my views, but I do not expect all politicians will. My family and friends don't share all my views.

    She would be HISTORIC because she is a woman, but she would be MORE HISTORIC because she believes in responsible, moral and ethical behavior.

    Has Delaware EVER had a Senator who was honest and ethically upstanding?....