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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Union Hires Non-Union Members At Minimum Wage To Protest Wal-Mart

This is why I respect Jon Stewart, he goes after both sides.

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  1. Wow. I always figured that picketers were members of the union. That is crazy.

  2. My favorite union story involves WWII. As the Japs approached Midway, a much needed ammunition ship was sent to the Marines. On arrival to the island, with the Jap fleet only hours away, the union refused for the ship to be off-loaded due to the fact that union stevedores were not present. After much deliberation, the marines were able to "persuade" the union crew to allow the delivery of the material.

  3. Don't EVEN get me started about the unions! UPIU, now PACE...what a crowd of jerkies!

  4. I just got a chance to watch that. This is TRUTH - but comedy gold! The unions want to pull off the illusion that today's "picketers" are workers for the company who are disgruntled. But this shines sunlight on the putrid reality: the greedy unions pay the protesters so they can fool people and smear and "picket the big, bad chain store" to get a cut of the worker's pay via union dues. Priceless!!

    This reflects what Breitbart was saying in Chicago at their rally this past weekend; when asked, the "protesters" didn't know what their signs said, and were unable to state why the sign they held was a true statement. They looked like buffoons. Then Breitbart exposed that their signs were printed by a union. They were out there with NO IDEA why they were there, and the few who were asked couldn't substantiate their "hate" claims in any way. More sunlight shining on putrescence!

    Thanks for sharing! Keep exposing the liars and their lying lies (isn't that a book title by Frankin?!). ;)

  5. How about that expose recently of the GM workers shown drinking and smoking weed during their break time. Good video. Fox2News Detroit.