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Friday, September 10, 2010

America Held Hostage - Day 599

I took yesterday off from blogging, and of course the big news broke that the Pastor in Florida was not going to set the world on fire (we think, not sure, he'll let us know for sure eventually) this Saturday by burning a load of Korans on the lawn in front of his church..

Just another example of how we are held hostage when our foreign policy becomes a means of satisfying some deep psychological need to be forgiven and liked. 

When the desire to be liked by people who never will like us is the policy, we are hostages to irresponsible people like:
  • The Florida Pastor who knew what the reaction would be to his stunt, and thereby got his 15 minutes of fame to such an extent that the President and Defense Secretary had to beg him to stop; and
  • The Cordoba House Imam who has made the fear of violence part of his media strategy, and who, even before that, got his 15 minutes of fame to such an extent that the President and Mayor had to beg him to keep going..
Our nation now is held hostage to every kook with a match and every huckster who knows how to play the Islamophobia card.

I'd rather be respected than liked, and right now in the world, we are neither.  We're just hostages.

Update:  Michelle Malkin, The eternal flame of Muslim outrage.

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  1. Regarding the pastor...

    Among a few of my liberal friends I have had the joy of remarking that the stereotype of an offended Muslim as being violent and deadly is now mainstream. Even the President says so.

    I have always been taught that those who are quick to offend are typically hiding some deep insecurity. That's what I heard from many on the left when Catholics took exception to some of Dan Brown's fictional flourishes. Yet he remains free and unscathed. Jews are often on the receiving end of horribly offensive opinions...yet they manage. Even most Southern Baptists can take a good jab with humor (my boss being a prime example).

    So yes, we are being held hostage by a deadly religious intolerance. At least now it will be easier to point it out for what it is...using the left's own words.

  2. In Tony Blair's introduction to his biography he talks about the US. He says how the world is never going to like us because we are leaders, but that the world at the same time gets angry with us when we don't lead. The problem with Obama's foreign policy is that he doesn't understand that to be a leader means you are not necessarily liked by those that resent your leadership but that it is our job to stand up and be counted. Taking responsibility and leading is just something he has no idea how to do.

    It is time someone in that administration stood up and lead the world in condemning threats and violence of extremists and the threats being espoused now by that Mosque 51 huckster. But that would take a backbone and strength of character that neither Obama nor Clinton possess.

  3. I personally think the Koran-burning story is a bit fascinating, in particular the reaction over one citizen exercising his rights and burning a book. It has so many elements: the parallels with the Ground Zero mosque; the tacit acknowledgment by liberals and establishment press that Islam is dangerous and not a religion of peace; that widespread Koran burnings did not lead to WTC '93, Kobahr towers, African embassies, USS Cole, 9/11, etc.; and, of course, responsibility for another's actions.

    It is this last element that the media is ignoring. The pastor is not advocating for others to commit acts or to rise up or anything of that nature, yet that is exactly what Al Gore recently did. If the pastor is to be blamed and held accountable for reactions of others on the other side of the world, then the media needs to demand Al Gore's arrest and hold him accountable for the recent attack at the Discovery Channel.

  4. i will be happier when our policy for dealing with the headbangers is based on the phrase "Oderint, dum metuant."

    the Romans would have known how to deal with recalcitrant barbarians like the moose slimes.

    enough already: Bolton/Palin 2012