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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Meme of the Day:
Christine O'Donnell is polling worse than a month ago, which proves that all of our attacks on her for the past month which drove down her numbers were justified.
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  1. Isn't that the point of a campaign to make the other guy/gal lose ? Did I miss something ?

  2. @The Ghost: Yes, you did. The point of a campaign is to WIN, not just to make the other guy lose. Especially in a primary where you immediately have to go out and show the "general" voters why they should vote for you.

    Scorched earth is never a good idea in a primary.

  3. Yes, you did miss something.

    He's still going to lose the primary and stab the GOP in the back, so good job champ.

    I'm sure it difficult to reconcile the fact that you've been living off the Gov't dole for 40+ years and now your grasp of power is slipping away.

    Explain to me that justification again when the ad blitz didn't even move the needle as far as primary voters go? All his attack ads did was cause him to lose the primary and O'Donnell to get trashed for, well, nothing really.

    If Castle does lose the primary, he's done unless he becomes a Democrat, which, let's face it, he already is. There is no way he can save face in all this unless he runs into the arms of the ever-forgiving liberals.

  4. Who said anything about a campaign? This is about the Weekly Standard attacking a candidate and driving down her numbers, we are not talking about the Castle campaigns doing so. That one political campaign will attack another is a given. The problem is that he shouldn't even be running and the WS should NOT be helping him get elected. Their logic is that since they helped created a mess, it proves their concern that a mess would be made. Ergo, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  5. Looks like the Castle crowd are pulling out the "O'Donnell accused Castle of burglary" myth again.