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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Iranic Juxtaposition

Via Memeorandum 9-6-2010, 10:00 p.m.:

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  1. While these two tweets really do speak for themselves, the reality is that those who consider themslves moderate Moslems need to take responsibility for their religion, and those that use its aegisis for evil purposes. The problem is within Islam and its need to redefine itself (read Irshad Manji) much like Christianity and Judaism have done over the centuries. Interestingly the WSJ recently had such an oped piece discussing moderate Islam and Islam at a cross-roads.

  2. Wonderful examples of why the West and Islam are incompatible. One must conform to the norms of the other. The West is appalled by the stoning of a woman for any reason; Islam's sharia law demands it. Islam means "submit" or "submission." Thus, Islam, by definition, dictates no compromise. The two worldviews must clash; they are mutually exclusive.

    Thanks! Great post!

  3. OT - thanks for the video of the FDR war declaration request speech. Even back then, progressives who wanted to "fundamentally transform America" understood the terms "victory," "righteous," and God.

    Today's Orwellian PC mobsters need to review such speeches from their "idols" to understand what honor is.

    (And thanks for that most bizarre weekend series.....!)