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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My 'Coexist' Bumper Sticker Can Beat Up Your 'Coexist' Bumper Sticker

In response to some of my prior bumper sticker posts, readers have wondered why none of the cars had the famed Coexist bumper sticker

So when driving the other day, I had to circle back when I passed this parked car:

Fortunately, the owner did not spot me taking photos, because if he or she did, who knows what would have happened.  Maybe I should put one of these on my car for protection:

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  1. Aaaacckkk....those Leftist bumper stickers make me want to puke. They scream, "LOSER!" I see them in the Milwaukee area all the time.

    "Coexist"....baby, go coexist with Wahabbis in Saudi Arabia and tell me how that works out.

    "A Living Wage Is A Moral Wage". No it isn't. It amounts to theft. You get what you earn. You are entitled to that and you God-given Rights related to Life Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. Nothing else.

    I definitely prefer YOUR "coexist".

  2. "I'M AN ARTIST and I VOTE"

    What the heck is that supposed to mean??? "Most artists don't vote, I am an artist and I do vote, so therefor I am unique and this is a message that I must convey to the motoring public"?

  3. Oh no, what have you done? My husband now absolutely MUST have one of those gun logo Coexist bumperstickers . . .

  4. Hysterical! Great job!

    I was thinking the same thing as Alan Markus - oh, and what's the 'I do' sticker about? I don't see the silly gay rainbow flag on there.

  5. What a truly fugly automobile for such a talented, voting 'artist'. Obviously his/her aesthetic judgement parallels their political acumen.

  6. You should probably check the local statutes for Ithaca first. I am surprised they don't have all registered republicans wearing gps monitoring yet or have built their own reeducation camps for them.

  7. I have one of those Coexist stickers, unfortunately Zazzle no longer carries it because it's logo copyright infringement or some such like that.

  8. More evidence that while one bumper sticker may indicate someone with an opinion, more than one means 'kook!'

  9. "I have one of those Coexist stickers, unfortunately Zazzle no longer carries it because it's logo copyright infringement or some such like that."

    I just bought one on EBay - it's a window decal, not a bumper sticker!

  10. just yesterday I passed an older Dodge pickup with the "coexist" sticker on the bumper. as expected, there were a couple of twentysomething slackers with big fluffy poodlehair in it, and they were toking down on the doobage. not that there is anything wrong with toking down, just don't jeopardize the rest of us responsible types driving to work!

  11. Funny. Driving around Virginia a couple of weeks ago, I came across a car with the "coexist" sticker. Next to it was another sticker that said "my horn is broken; watch for extended finger."

    The post is .

    And, yes, I'm just barely blog literate as well.

  12. Okay, where do I get one of those??? I deeply despise the coexist stickers, for reasons I can't articulate because I become inarticulately apoplectic when I see them.

  13. Afaic "I'm an Artist and I Vote" is the most obnoxious member of that sticker group.

  14. JoAnne, mine is a bumper sticker.

  15. That car needs one more sticker:

    DO NOT remove this sticker!
    It's holding the bumper on.