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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Write Down This Chris Coons Quote

From his website:
While the Republicans are seeing how low they can go, attacking each other over student loan debt and personal finance issues, we'll continue talking about something more relevant: jobs for Delawareans.
So I guess this means the Coons campaign will not sink to the level of the Castle campaign and conservative punditry, and will run on the Democrats' record on the economy?

Don't betcha.

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  1. Do I sense a little Palin in the good professor's post? You betcha.

    Imagine a post criticizing a candidate for what he has not yet done, that by a Palin fan who made her bones with sharp elbow attacks, is not lost on me.

    My guess is that you were pretty nasty in the courtroom. You were in the courtroom once weren't you? You betcha.

  2. Plus if this post is your idea of nasty then there is something wrong with you other than the fact that you are siding with people have have used the dirtiest attacks and smears possible to demonize their opposition.

  3. "Tea Party finds bearded Marxist running for office in Delaware"

    ...except he's not bearded and he's not a Marxist, he's a liberal Democrat who fights for working families.