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Friday, September 10, 2010

Me On InstaVision

The video of my interview last Wednesday with Glenn Reynolds on InstaVision is available at Instapundit (you will have to register with PJTV to watch it, but it's free). 

We covered some of my background in blogging, the Scott Brown race, the Tea Party movement, and the upcoming elections.

(Damn, it's true.  The camera does add 10 15 lbs.)

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  1. Interesting interview.   Thanks Professor!

  2. The worth of a person is their character and that, a camera captures with undistorted clarity.

  3. That was a good interview, I agreed with most of it.

    One thing about RINO senators that I havn't seen mentioned anywhere else yet is that, I'm sure that the Democrats had the votes needed in the senate to pass obamacare, even if they had lacked 60 democrat votes. We'll never know for sure, but if push had come to shove last December, I do believe that Harry Reid would have had enough Republicans crossing the aisle. They would've peeled Snowe, and then Collins, and then Graham, and then McCain, and then the rest of them. Since their votes were not needed in the end, of course they're free to vote against obamacare and save themselves from the wrath of the voters and even get to stand up and claim that they stood firm against Reid and obamacare.

    RINOs are corrosive and evil and the pragmatists be damned, we'll do what it takes to get Miller and O'Donnell elected. We will take back the nation with general elections, but primaries are for taking back the republican party.

  4. Thanks professor. You were a natural. Hope they start banging your door down for more interviews. I could see you making that easy transition also.