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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unite for November

Christine O'Donnell just won the Delaware Primary.

Put the rancor of the past couple of weeks behind us, and unite behind her and other Republicans.

And get to work (tomorrow, you can celebrate tonight if you want).

Remember everything that has motivated us the past year. 

Because they still are in power.

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  1. Yep, The Establishment better fall in line. Resistance is futile.

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  2. Watch out for the tea party. Or else they'll nominate unelectable candidates in your place, you RINOs.

  3. Probably wasn't going to send money to either candidate (don't have any to send), but if I come up with any, it's going to Angle. She's much more deserving. I just can't get past O'Donnell's personal and ethical hurdles. I'll take her over the Democrat, but I just don't want that "caliber" of person to be our chosen representative of conservatism. I mean, $6 million dollar lawsuit against ISI for running a business from your desk? Come on.

  4. And watch out for the Democrat Party. Or they'll force through unqualified candidates in your place, you Americans.

  5. If that photo doesn't provide further proof that the Majority Leader of the Senate is barking mad then I don't what does.

  6. It's time for Americans to make a choice: the maybe not-so-good candidate or the absolutely-horrible candidate. This midterm election is merely the first step in a long, hard slog to force our government back into its Constitutional role, by eliminating the leeches one election at a time.

  7. I know you mean it, Professor, but unity to defeat the Obama-Reid-Pelosi gang may be a lot harder to summon up in this case, because so many O'Donnell supporters made in utterly clear over and over that they did not care if a Democrat won the Delaware seat, since there was supposedly no difference between a left-wing Dem and the "RINO" Castle. Castle and everyone supporting him were/are part of the "Ruling Class," "Plutocrats," corrupt, time-serving Beltway insiders more interested in party invitations and personal advancement. Everyone from NRO and the Weekly Standard to Charles Krauthammer and assorted bloggers were/are as bad as -- no, worse than -- the Democrats. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Besides, O'Donnell remains a flake and a zero and a big loser. No one with money to donate to a competitive but close GOP campaign in their right mind will send the dough to Delaware instead of the half dozen other states where Republicans can take a Dem Senate seat and a couple of dozen House races.

    It's so totally over.

  8. Putting Republicans who are just like Democrats into power is exactly what caused this big mess to begin with.

    The trouble is, so many people think it's like a sports team. Always root for the R or D. But it's not, it's about principles.

    Does it really matter if a R gets elected if he just votes D all the time? Oh sure, the power arrangement might be a little different regarding offices and such, but unless you are a beltway or think tank person, who cares?

  9. The NRSC, chaired by John Cornyn, just announced that they would not be giving financial support to O'Donnell.

    So everyone needs to call John Cornyn's office tomorrow morning and inform him that if he will not back the candidate chosen by the Republicans of the state of Delaware, that we will donate directly to O'Donnell, and NOT the Repubican Party in general.

    I am sick of these policitians (and Cornyn is my Senator) throwing their little temper tantrums when their RINO buddies lose because they vote like RINOs.

    WE THE PEOPLE get to decide who we want running for office, NOT John Cornyn and the NRSC.

  10. While the celebrating is going on, here are a few fun facts I stole from the headquarters of the RINO Plutocratic Ruling Class at NRO:

    –Christine O’Donnell has $20,374 cash-on-hand. Chris Coons has $944,230. O’Donnell will surely see cash come in after tonight but. . .

    –CNN’s Mark Preston quotes an unnamed GOP official: “Until she demonstrates some viability in the polls we are not going to have any money for her.” The official said it is now incumbent on Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party Express to support O’Donnell. “They got her here.”

    –From a Public Policy Poll on the Delaware general scheduled to drop tomorrow AM:

    -Only 31% of Delaware voters think Christine O’Donnell is fit to hold public office.
    O’Donnell’s favorable/unfavorable split is 29/50.

    -Castle primary voters supports Coons over O’Donnell 44-28 in the general election.

    –Stu Rothenberg of Rothenberg Political Reports has already moved the Delaware Senate race from Lean Republican to Lean Democratic, bypassing toss-up all together.


  11. Sorry, sir. Part of the problem with the Republicans in the past has not just been that they failed to stand up for conservative principles in office, but that they failed to do so in their personal life.

    Full disclosure: I started out supporting a lot of establishment Republican candidates. I switched in most of those races to insurgent conservatives, because I believed a) they could win, and b) they would BE both conservative and honorable when they got there.

    O'Donnell will not fulfill a). Nor, as her past record indicates, will she fulfill b). I'll give more money to Rubio, Toomey, Lee, Buck, and Paul. And I'll give money to Angle, Kirk, Raese, Rossi, and Johnson. And I'll support Coats and Fiorina, with money if necessary. And I'll cross my fingers, and hope really hard, and give money to LaMontagne.

    O'Donnell? Not a brass farthing.

  12. This was always a glass half full/half empty race, which will always get Conservative Beltway vs. Conservative principals fighting in the streets.

    Warning about the challenges of this choice is fine and always has been, but pointlessly dumping the glass of milk onto the floor because you won't compromise after spending weeks endlessly demanding compromise is, well, not good politics.

  13. Castle's refusal to endorse O'Donnell makes me doubly glad he lost. Down with the ruling class! Viva la Tea Party!

  14. If the business-as-usual Washington GOP any-RINO-in-a-storm-is-Ok-by-us crowd, does not get past their problems and rally behind the candidates elected by voters, then they are on notice. People are watching and people will remember. This is a new political world as proven by these upset primaries.

    These primaries are about who voters want, not who the GP brass want.

    The GOP is on notice. We want conservatives come hell or high water and we are going to get them.

    Get behind them and get over yourselves... if not? the blame will fall, not on the voters, but on the balking GOP big shots and their bobble-headed enablers.

    Quit defeating candidates by word of mouth. Let the voters decide in November.

    And yes, I believe in Miracles, Sarah.

  15. The NRSC, chaired by John Cornyn, just announced that they would not be giving financial support to O'Donnell.

    If Castle had won, the NRSC would be outraged if Republican conservatives didn't support him, and they'd (rightly) blame the Tea Party people if Castle lost the general election.

    O'Donnell played by their rules and she won, fair and square. If the national Republicans want anyone's respect, they need to support the candidate that the Delaware Republicans freely chose, rather than throw a hissy fit.

    If the NRSC wants its favored candidate to win, they should put up a better candidate next time.

    And while they're at it, they should consider selecting their candidates by approval balloting rather than by the destructive winner-takes-all system.

  16. The voters of Delaware have spoken and the establishment republicans are throwing a gigantic hissy fit.

    Rove and the NRSC clowns had better view this as a wake up call. We don't want a repeat of the 2004 spend-like-drunken-sailors Congress.

    As for Castle, his spiteful behavior shows the right candidate lost.

  17. Good bye Castle. As my father used to say, "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."

    VotingFemale has it right. "The GOP is on notice. We want conservatives come hell or high water and we are going to get them." They can either give us what we want or we'll get a new GOP.

    I got a call from the NRSC for money the other day. I told them I wouldn't give them anything until they get back to supporting conservatives.

    The NRSC is driving itself into insignificance. I need them less than they need me. I can get my information directly from the candidates, decide who I like best, and contribute directly to my choice. I don't need the NRSC to tell me who best supports the conservative cause or have any say who should get my money. Their lies don't smell any sweeter than the Democrats.

  18. Karl Rove just threw down the gauntlet. The GOP and Mike Castle are united in refusing to back Christine and is attacking her as we speak.

    There is going to be a WAR with the GOP and it is going to get real REAL ugly.

    The 2010 mid-term elections are about canceling Socialists in Congress... both inside the GOP and the DEM parties.


  19. I don't live in Delaware; in fact, it's one of the six states where I've never spent the night. Up until Rove opened his pie-hole I would have agreed, however grudgingly, with John Burke, but he, Rove, and the NRSC and DRSC are discrediting their own argument.

    Their whole thesis is that anything with an "R" is better than anything with a "D", regardless of past or likely voting records. Well, O'Donnell has an "R" -- but she's not good enough for them to support. Pick one and run with it, a*holes.


  20. No, Milcus, the losers yesterday were you, the National and Delaware RSCs, and Rove.

    You are now plainly revealed as not just liars, but as stupidly vindictive liars. No, you didn't have to support O'Donnell -- but going to Teh Press to denounce her, and vehemently list, categorize, and enumerate the Democratic talking points against her is crass, clueless, and costly. Rove, in particular, might as well have summarized his remarks as "F* anybody who doesn't have the Beltway Seal of Approval, even from my Party."


  21. Somehow we were able to get 60 liberals in the Senate. In a country that is more conservative than liberal. And in an electoral system that should favor conservatives. Most of the liberals are concentrated in coastal cities in a few states. Millions of liberals can only elect two liberals from New York State, but a few hundred thousand Dakotans can elect four conservatives if they put their minds to it.

  22. Sorry Ric, I have nothing to do with the NRSC. I just think what Sarah Palin did was beyong foolish. To throw a seat away for the chance to "win" with a conservative in blue Delaware is just insane.

    Without this seat, Republicans will need an extra seat in 2012 to get to 60. That is the importance of the seat. It's not that anyone expects much from Castle. It's just that having a guy vote with the Republicans 100% of the time when they are in power, and only 75% when they are not, is much better than another marxist.

    As for Rove, he might have been wrong to say what he said last night, but he was 110% correct. The Tea Party and Sarah Palin might have cost Republicans a shot in Nevada, and now cost the Republicans a shot in Delaware. And we all know that means it will be that much harder to get to 60 seats in 2012 (the number we need, plus a new President, to over-turn Obamacare).

    One final point about 60 liberals. That is just false. There are probably about 40 true liberals. But the way the Democrats got the majority was by getting what they would probably call DINO's into office. And as we saw, DINO's voted with their party 100% of the time, even though when Republicans reclaim contol, they will vote with the Republicans 25% of the time.

  23. If that single Senate seat is so freakin' important, then why aren't the national Republicans throwing all of their available resources into trying to win it?

    Castle is refusing to endorse O'Donnell, and the NRSC is refusing to support her, and Republican party stalwarts are badmouthing her ... this is active hostility toward the candidate who was freely chosen by Republican voters. Why? They're invoking the Chewbacca Defense -- this makes no sense!

    The NRSC needs to re-learn Ronald Reagan's Eleventh Commandment.

  24. This would all be funny if it were not so pathetic and potentially harmful to the country as the Obama-led Democrats cruise along with their agenda. Now, for self-appointed guardians of the True Faith, Karl Rove is the enemy, not Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Nuts.

  25. "You are now plainly revealed as not just liars, but as stupidly vindictive liars."

    In response:

    Castle has arranged to leave the GOP.
    Castle is having a gay affair.

    I'm just curious, Ric. Do those memes from the O'Donnell campaign count as "stupidly vindictive lies" in your book?