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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Patrick Kennedy Seat - "Are You Kidding Me?"

I posted the other day about the race in RI-01, which Charlie Cook has moved from LikelyD to Lean D, The Patrick Kennedy Seat Is In Play Again.

I mentioned in that prior post that David Cicilline, the Democratic candidate, is a divisive figure and was hit hard by fellow Democrats in the primary.

Here is an advertisement run by Anthony Gemma, one of Cicilline's Democratic opponents:

My wife met John Loughlin at a fundraiser in Rhode Island last week, and was impressed by him.  He is a straight shooter, unlike the glib Cicilline who has a long history of blaming everyone else for his problems in office (sound familiar?). 

The Loughlin campaign is gaining traction, but will need to raise funds to get on TV to counter Cicilline.

It is likely that Cicilline drained much of his cash in the primary, so Loughlin likely is not as far behind in funds on hand as might be expected.  Cicilline also was hurt by ads from fellow Democrats, like the one above.

I realize that there are hundreds of races in November, but this is one where you can make a difference.

Loughlin's website his here, and you can donate here

Update:  Cicilline has kicked of a “Fighting for Social Security” Tour where he is going around to nursing homes senior centers and scaring Seniors that they will lose their social security checks even though there is not a single proposal on the table or even under serious discussion which would affect social security for people currently in or anywhere near retirement age.  I'm telling you, having lived in that district for almost 20 years, nothing is beneath Cicilline when it comes to campaigning.  He needs to be defeated.

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1 comment:

  1. I think the actual expression used in Boston, is "Are you s**ttin' me?"