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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vote Mike Stopa on Tuesday In MA-03 Primary

I previously have highlighted the candidacy of Mike Stopa, running in the Republican primary for Congress in the MA-03 District.  The primary is this Tuesday, September 14.

If there are any voters in MA-03 reading, please get out and vote for Stopa.  And tell others.

Whoever runs against incumbent Democrat Jim McGovern will need a grasp not only of the issues, but the smarts and energy to take on this entrenched incumbent.  Stopa has both.

I previously highlighted Stopa's study of the issue of how to repeal Obamacare, The Massachusetts Model For Dismantling Obamacare.  In addition, some video clips of Stopa's recent debate performance are here.

Stopa has been endorsed by Rob Eno, who runs Red Mass Group blog (emphasis mine):
None of the candidates for the 3rd Congressional district have raised in my estimation the kind of cash needed to mount a credible challenge to Jim McGovern. Yes this is a wave election, but in order to ride the wave you need to at least bring a surf-board. Normally in a race like this where all of the candidates are personally likeable, and hold the same core beliefs as I do, I'd be pragmatic and vote for the one who has raised the most money and run the best campaign. None of these gentlemen stand out in that regard, it has been tough for any of them to raise the money and absent personal wealth, none have been able ot self finance. These facts allow me to then pick the person amongst the five whom I most identify with, from an intellectual standpoint. In this race that person is Mike Stopa. He is by all accounts far and away the person with the best grasp of the issues. I've seen him talk extemporaneously on a whole host of issues. He is the most ready to be a congressman on day one.
As the Red Mass Group endorsement shows, whoever faces McGovern will need to raise a lot of money fast.  But let's not put the cart before the horse.  Let's choose the best person to run against McGovern.

That person is Mike Stopa.

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  1. Rest assured, our family will be at the Massachusetts voting booths en mass day after tomorrow.

    I still remember vividly that snowy day we went to vote for Scott Brown, not knowing how warmly Brown supporters would be viewed by people there.

    I am happy to recall a single support group as we approached and that group of half-frozen but spirited sign-holding wavers and smilers turned out to be Scott Brown supporters. I felt like it was 1776 all over again and the revolution had just broken out. feverish is the word...

    ...and seeing car after car after car honking in support as they came in and out or drove by, just as we did when we approached and left.

    My God, it was the most thrilling voting experiences of my life.

    The view hits on my Scott Brown blog posts leading up to it went through the roof and set an all time record for my wordpress blog.

    While there is no stand out superstar this time for our district, we will none the less enter with big smiles and make obvious "conservative" conversations to be overheard by the liberals and other conservatives which were only whispered just two years ago.

    It is almost time to roll once again.

    I will save the bagpipe video till Nov 2 but the pipes and drums will be sounded once again as patriots gather to voice our will.

  2. Scott Brown's election could be the most significant turning point in the whole ObamaCare fiasco.

    Virginia's Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, explained the significance of the Brown victory in the context of Virginia's lawsuit to overturn ObamaCare.

    ObamaCare's Fatal Flaw


  3. Over six months ago, I took a look at Mike Stopa's immigration plan. Hint: I used the word "fantastical".

    P.S. I've been covering the wider issue since 2002 in thousands of posts; check out my topics page for an overview.