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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rhode Island Lt. Gov. Candidate Promises To Eliminate The Office If Elected

Robert Healey of the Cool Moose Party is running for the third time for Lt. Governor in Rhode Island.

Healey has been on a mission to eliminate the office of Lt. Governor, which he views as a wasteful and useless bureaucracy costing a million dollars a year. 

Healey's campaign platform was and is that if elected, he will eliminate the office (the formal elimination of the position of Lt. Governor would require a constitutional change).  Which, over the course of the 4-year term, will save taxpayers $4 million.

Healey was interviewed by former Providence Mayor and now talk show host Buddy Cianci.

Healey reiterated his plan to eliminate the office pursuant to a deal hatched with the RI Republican Party, which is on board with eliminating the office, whereby the Republican primary winner would drop out after the primaries to improve Healey's chances. 

The Republican primary winner has withdrawn, so now it is Healey against the incumbent Democratic Lt. Governor who, of course, likes the office and its budget.

The Rhode Island Board of Elections has refused to put another person on the ballot in the Republican slot after the woman who won the Republican primary withdrew.

Healey's Campaign website is here, and his Facebook page here.

If elected, Healey promises to "serve" .... alone, with no staff, no budget and no cost to taxpayers.

And I bet no one will notice the difference.

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1 comment:

  1. I voted for Healey the last time he ran... and I intend to do it again this November. (I hope he decides to run for governor next -- I'd vote for him for that office as well.)