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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Someone Tell Grandpa Harry To Stop Talking

Via The Politico, Reid calls Gillibrand the 'hottest' member at fundraiser:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had an unusual form of praise for New York's junior senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, this morning at the fundraiser Mayor Bloomberg hosted for him at his townhouse - referring to her as "the hottest member" as she sat just a few feet away, according to three sources.

The comment prompted Gillibrand to turn red, according to the sources, and created a bit of stir among the small crowd there.
"It was pretty shocking when he said it," said one source familiar with the remark and the reaction...

First Bloomberg spoke, then Sen. Chuck Schumer, and then Reid, according to the sources. Reid praised Schumer at length, discussing how he could have run for governor - and won - in 2006, but didn't, and instead accepted the Nevada senator's entreaties to run the DSCC.
Then he turned his attention to Gillibrand, saying something about how "many senators are known for many things," according to a source. He added, "We in the Senate refer to Sen. Gillibrand as the hottest member."
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  1. Maybe Gillibean should give up her Senate seat and go on Jerseyshore where her 'hotness' would be more appreciated and more valuable than her taking up a valuable Senate seat with her jello principles. If all you could say about someone is their looks and not their votes or principles, that is damning with faint praise.

  2. She may be the hottest Democrat Senator. But that's not saying much.

  3. She doesn't speak with a female dialect unless she wants to, right Dirty Harry?

  4. 'Gillibrand has been profiled repeatedly for her post-second baby weight loss, and how she achieved it. She also made The Hill's "Most Beautiful" list.'

    Where is the feminist outcry over that statement? The L/P/Dems are taking women backwards on sexism at record speed.

    And yet the Lady said nothing at all.

    She gets what she deserves in Nov. Bye now.

  5. Only the leftists would give this man a pass. Racist commentary and now this?!

    Will the MSM even give this a whisper of attention? Nah. Doesn't help him, doesn't hurt Angle....therefore, no story. Nothing to see...move along. Sickening.