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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Shorter, Punchier Version

It seems like a natural law of the internet that the longer a post, the less likely anyone reads beyond the first few lines, resulting in fewer comments and muted reaction.

Hence, the now classic They Also Called Scott Brown A Non-Serious Extremist is sitting out there, waiting since early morning for readers to react.

I give up.  Here's the shorter, punchier version:

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  1. I did appreciate your inclusion of Brown's centerfold spread. A lot.

  2. Moogie P, I hope you are a dudette.

    The reminder of what went on during the Brown/Coakley election seems even more ironic in light of Obama's comments in his speech the other day when he said this:

    "You can make sure that the tens of millions of dollars spent on misleading ads do not drown out your voice, because no matter how many ads they run—no matter how many elections they try to buy—the power to determine the fate of this country doesn't lie in their hands. It lies in yours."

    The hypocrisy burns like the Northern Light!

  3. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into digging up those links and creating the post. I think the reason you are not getting a big reaction is because it is so well documented, so well sourced, so irrefutable, that nobody on the left can criticize it. Well done.

  4. Not so fast. I'm not into 'Shorter, Punchier Versions'.

    I read the whole article and checked out the comments. When I see comments that are mostly aligned with how I felt also, I don't usually post.

    Alot of times I get so fired up after reading your posts, I choose not to comment and just keep my sarcasm and potty mouth to myself.

    I sure wasn't half as interested in that centerfold, while he was campaigning. But now on a double take, back then, I might have ripped that out of the magazine to save for those Calgon moments .

  5. The problem with your long posts is not that we have trouble reading them but that we fear that there is another pop quiz buried in there somewhere.

    Don't buy that? Okay, maybe it's because we don't want to tinker with perfection? Yeah! I thought you'd like that one.

  6. That vid is 2 long.Can u get it down 2 30s?

  7. hahaha

    shhhh... don't tell those socialists who write book-length blogposts.

    Was this comment too long??