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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Confronting The 'Soldiers With Pens'

A post at Israel Matzav about a failed attempt at a university in South Africa to boycott Israel's Ben Gurion University reminded me that there has been a vicious war underway, albeit one fought mostly under the media radar.

The Islamist-Leftist Anti-Israel Coalition, which brought you such above-the-radar events as the Gaza flotilla, also is waging a war against Israel's legitimacy through false accusations of war crimes (via J-Street's friend Richard Goldstone and others), false accusations that Israel is an "apartheid state" and that the security barrier against suicide bombers is an "apartheid wall," false accusations of dual loyalty leveled against American Jews, absurd attacks on "the Israel lobby," demands that Jews leave Israel and go back to Europe, and other acts to demonize Israel further.

Make no mistake, the people perpetrating these anti-Israel campaigns are at war with Israel, and in many cases with western civilization more generally.  They are, as I have posted, soldiers with pens.

So many of us have been consumed by domestic politics, with good reason.  But the soldiers with pens not only have not paused for domestic U.S. politics, they have increased their efforts at the U.N., on campuses, and elsewhere, to delegitimize Israel.

After November 2, I'll turn more attention to exposing and confronting these anti-Israel elements.

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  1. Defeating the left in the USA will go quite a way towards defeating those soldiers with pens and no conscience. Our left enables the enemies of Israel and the USA.

  2. I look forward to November 3rd. Just as the Grand Mufti ran Arabic propagannda for the national socialists while urging Hitler to expand the "final solution" to the Jews in the Middle East, while urging Balkan Muslims to join an all-Islamic SS division, today's Islamists and collectivists view each other as the "enemy of my enemy" - those in the U.S. and Israel who stand in favor of limiting the size and scope of government in recognition of the unalienable rights individuals are endowed with at birth by nature's God, their creator.