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Monday, September 13, 2010


Spotted by a reader in Tampa, Florida:

Update 9-15-2010:  Thanks to reader Sylvia for e-mailing me this link to an article about the store (it is in St. Peterburg, not Tampa):
It's Barack Obama's 100th day as president of an economically depressed country. It's Mahmoud's 169th day as president of Obama Express Food Market, a mini mart in an economically depressed area of St. Petersburg.

Mahmoud had been planning to change his store's name. He finally did on Nov. 13 when Obama left his U.S. Senate seat to focus on leading the Free World.

The name Food Max just didn't seem right anymore.

"We like to see change in the world," says Mahmoud
And also this link about St. Pete cops getting in trouble for getting (and taking) free stuff at the store.

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  1. Likely yesterday's goods, out of date, slightly stale, meat with a gray tint to it, fish rotting from the head down, etc.

  2. Everything in the store is "freeeeeee!", yes?


  3. I guess they are filling the "food desert" gap. Heh.

  4. Sign on the front door:

    CLOSED - Gone golfing

  5. Bet that's a good place to get a Wish Sandwich.

  6. Your price per item is directly related to your income level!