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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guess Who Said This

"Go back to jonesing for Sarrahcudda, Christine, and all the other intellectual lightweights that are taking over what used to be a decent political party."

(no Google searches allowed)

Update:  No one is close, so far.  While it really doesn't matter who said it, it is relevant that the same person in October 2008 also said this (again, no Google searches allowed):
Of course Bush didn’t do it alone, for six years he had a Republican-controlled Congress that helped him do it. Because of both of them, the Republican Party has lost all credibility with the American voter as the party of fiscal conservatism. It will take a long time to earn that reputation back.

Thanks a lot, Mr. President. For nothing other than a boat load of debt.
The point is that some of the people now lashing out at the Tea Party movement and singing the praises of the old GOP, previously were harsh critics of the old GOP.

Update No. 2 - Case Closed 1 p.m.  No winners, which is a good thing.  This is a real person, a writer about politics at a prominent blog, but his/her identity is irrelevant.  The fact is, it could have been almost any of the people you named (except for the ones suggested by Kent), be they Democrat or Republican.  So what does that tell you about what really is going on in our political landscape, and why people are so angry at the political class?

(Now I've started getting the right answer in comments, as people take to Google.  But I'm not printing the person's name since the point of the post was the hypocrisy and attitude, not the person.)
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  1. sounds to me like something that Daily KOS Moulitsas guy would say.

    I have no confidence we'll get this. We still have no clue about that bumper sticker.

  2. Sounds like something that Alan Colmes would say.

  3. I can't remember for sure, but seems this was Kathleen Parker. Tough one! :D

  4. My best guess is either Dick Armey or Newt Gingrich. It could be a lot of Republicans. Romney might have said it too.

  5. Either Patterico or AllahPundit?

  6. I've been getting hammered for months now for saying this (but I saw it coming): for the GOP to go on a campaign to rehabilitate GW Bush is the best way to get Hillary elected in 2012. The Bush years were an economic disaster (less than 2 million net jobs created and ALL because of rapid government expansion) while the Clinton years saw the creation of over 26 million jobs (ALL because of private sector expansion and the freezing/shrinking of government expansion).

    Yeah, let's go back to what Team Bush was doing.

  7. It sure sounds like either Sullivan or Johnson. But you're right, William: it's a perfect template upon which you could overlay any of several dozen blogger/pundits. E.J. Dionne? Krugman? Klein? They can't be bother to actually support their arguments, even the ones that are constructed out of "facts" they've made up themselves.

  8. Okay, I'm pretty good at holding my breath but I'm dying here. Who was it!

  9. I would have guessed Bruce Bartlett.