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Friday, September 24, 2010

Is He Using Charlie Crist's Pollster?

Please do it, because it will increase our likelihood of victory.

Mike Castle will test waters with poll:

Rep. Mike Castle is planning on polling a potential three-way Senate race to test his chances as a write-in candidate, a Delaware Republican tells POLITICO.
Can someone get him the phone number for Charlie Crist's pollster?

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  1. What is it about these RINOs that they have no class. They lost...time for them to grow-up.Considering how selfish this act will be, making sure that O'Donnell defintiely doesn't win and that the Dems maintain control of the Senate, Castle should be shunned by anyone with any thought process and the desire to change the travesty that is our Congress, just as the new write-in RINO in Alaska should be called out for what she is...a pompous ass.

  2. Every time another entrenched Assistant Democrat bolts the party after losing, it bolsters my case for a new party. If we are going to have a two-party system, we are short one party.

  3. Has to be one of the best ads this year, simple but clear as to the importance of this election. This guy is original, and he gets the reality of what is happening to us. Our children are the ones who will bear the burden.

    Great post!