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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meghan McCain

she is almost entirely a creature of liberals who want to use her as a prop to discredit and attack conservatives. I gather Meghan thinks she is some kind of youth recruiter for a hipper form of conservatism or Republicanism or something. I spend a bit of time following what young conservatives think (I even edited a book on the subject) and as far as I can tell, young conservatives — including the 6.9 percent of them who qualify as “hip” by even liberal standards — do not think much of the young lady to the extent they think about her at all. She is somewhere between Ron Reagan in a dress and Joe Scarborough’s most liberal intern.
I agree with Jonah Goldberg. I wish I could avoid her, but then I would be out of touch with my favorite twitter "identity theft", McCain Boobette, who had an interview with my friend Alec Jacobs this past year:

TheDC: What about people who say you only have a platform because of your last name?
MM: Whatever, I know that Im out there being a voice for the unrepresented, and my mom & dad say Im great. It has nothing to do with names and labels. I hate labels except cool ones like Betsy Johnson and Chanel.
If you can't beat them, mock them.

Update 3-24-2011 - Meghan McCain has posted a ridiculous Tweet about this post, which among other things doesn't even get the author right.

The "McCain Boobette" reference specifically was to http://twitter.com/mccainboobette not to her "breast size," which she would have known had she clicked on the link above in the original post which was to this Daily Caller piece, TheDC Interview: Meet Meghan McCain’s alter-ego — McCain Boobette.  But clicking on links apparently is too deep a thought for Ms. McCain.  Meghan must be really desperate for attention to make something out of nothing.

Given Meghan's performance with her Tweet, it appears she also did not consider that whoever it is who uses the "McCain Boobette" Twitter name was not referring to her "breast size" but her personality:

Can't you just get back to bashing Sarah Palin to get attention?

(Original post by K.McCaffrey, Update by W.Jacobson)
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  1. David Brinkley was spinning in his grave at 78 rpms when she appeared on "This Week."

    "As a 24-year old woman ..."

    If I were 24 years old and "This Week" invited me on, I'd have enough sense to ask them, "Are you people crazy or desperate or both?"

    That being said, there's no telling what great things she'd now no doubt be achieving if her family name were not such a hindrance.

  2. She'd be working in a low level ad agency job, still living at home off Mama's money - that's where she'd be and nobody would know her name. She is a knuckleheaded dimwit and should shut the hell up now and in perpetuity!

  3. She has decribed herself as a 'Progressive Republican'. RINO

  4. I'm no fan of the McCain's, but they are nominal Republicans. I don't understand why NRO is speaking out against her, just like I don't understand why Weekly Standard slammed Palin. Didn't god create Democrats and the media to slam Republicans?

    NRO and Weekly Standard are violating Ronald Reagan's eleventh commandment:

    Thou shalt not speak ill of other Republicans.

  5. "my mom & dad say Im great."

    Umm, yeah, Meghan... they kind of HAVE to say that. It comes with being your mom and dad.

  6. Best description of her I have seen is "a rich man's Snooki" at The People's Cube. Besides, she is the one speaking ill of other Republicans. I don't consider her a Republican at all.

  7. I though Ron Reagan did wear a dress...

  8. but on the upside ronald reagan in a dress would make a cute halloween costume!! if you dont do it i will!

  9. I saw Meghan (Empty Skull Full of Mush) McCain's bleat about this page on her Twitter feed; so I'd like to donate this to the cause. It's mine; post it if you like.

  10. I see you didn't post my comment, but did post one with a pic and a childish caption... so this'll be just just between you and me... you are definitely an embarrassment to adults in general and Cornell specifically... You really have a job teaching? Unbelievable.

  11. Well, as Blofeld said to James Bond in "Diamond are Forever" about Jill St. John's boobs:

    "If only they were brains."

    May Ruth Buzzi suddenly appear and beat you over the head with her purse, Professor. (Just in case you were actually referring to her boobs.)

    Meghan has left no doubt.

  12. According to a few dictionaries, the etymology of the term "boob," including its long history of usage in the language, can be summarized as follows:

    As noted in the post, the Webster’s Collegiate references that since 1909, the primary meaning of "boob," [short for booby] has been 1. a stupid awkward person: SIMPLETON 2. BOOR, PHILISTINE.

    But derivationally speaking, the term "booby" dates way, way back . . . literally centuries, with the earliest references I can find (in my Oxford Unabridged) to a variety of texts and writings beginning at the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th century!

    And, all of those texts seem to consistently reference the term as a pejorative, meaning a person who is fool, lubber, simpleton, dolt, or some similar characterization.

    That also includes sea-faring references to the bird of the same name, one suggesting that the name may have originally derived from a Spanish slang term meaning "dunce."

    "Boobies" were considered not too bright by sailors, as they would just land on the ships and were notoriously easy to catch for food.

    Further, the usage of the term as an adjective seems likewise, e.g, the phrase "booby hatch," apparently a 19th century adaption.

    However, the use of the term "booby" or "boob" referentially to the female human anatomy (about which Meghan is raising this issue) had its origins, according to Webster’s, as a strictly mid-20th century phenomenon.

    The use of the term "booby" in that context, suggests Webster’s, traces back to 1934, while the usage of the shorter term "boob" dates back only to 1945.

    Therefore, it would seem that as a blogger and presumptively, a "word-smith," poor Megan McCain has demonstrated her woefully inept grasp of our language and its history.

    There was an obvious meaning to the adaption of the term ("boobette") that was specifically being employed by Katherine. Via her misinterpretation, Meghan inadvertently has proved Katherine’s case against her!

    Alas, Meghan not only made a boo-boo in missing the intended meaning, but as noted above she also incorrectly identified who said it!

    Hey, let’s just be glad Meghan is not a police officer! An analogous offense (in law enforcement terms) might have been to a) incorrectly single out lawful activity as an offense; and b) inappropriately respond to that activity by shooting the wrong person!

  13. The old "pretend to be a conservative to get fawning media attention by criticizing conservatives" schtick worked for Daddy, didn't it?

  14. Trochilus, you show dog. In the boob competition ... advantage Meghan.

    You've proved yourself a champion in the lesser competition of wordsmithery, nonetheless, Trochilus, my friend.

  15. Meghan McCain is important for those who have been alienated by contemporary conservativsim. When figures like James Baker have publicly stated that Ronald Regan would be considered a RINO by many contemporary conservatives, it's people like Meghan who serve as the voice of reason for a party gone terribly wrong.

  16. Bill, it looks like Meghan actually tweeted her accusation twice! Here was number two.

    And here is a new response to her.

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for her apology, however. In the first place, Kathleen's original post was dated the 16th.

    Meghan's two tweets were hoisted eight days later on the 24th . . . just 18 hours ago. Even her expression of misplaced indignation was untimely.

    @LukeHandcool . . . as for the "boob" competition, Meghan can have the prize!

    Back in 1921, H.L. Mencken said of the ability of then-President Woodrow Wilson to bring newspaper editors around to his point of view --that he knew better than they did how to arrest and enchant the boobery with words that were simply words, and nothing else.

  17. LOL

    The twit a voice of reason? Not.

  18. @BeelHayes - not seeing your prior comment, so try again. It must be "good" if you are so hot about it.

  19. @BeelHayes

    I see your occupation is Adolescent Psychologist.

    Do your more mature patients ever have a problem with that?

  20. So much pointless hate... I would say most of you people disgust me, but honestly, I pity all of you. Most of all you, Prof. Jacobson.

  21. @Gerardo . . . you are apparently confusing what you say is "hate" with what is a just little good-natured ridicule!

    Please refer back to Saul Alinski 's Rules For Radicals (i.e., for Community Organizers), and specifically refer to the section on tactics . . . remember this one?

    "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."

    Well, that one is now a Neo-Rule! And, it applies to dealing with the "useful boobs" as well as to the "others" . . . like you!

    Get it?

    Here is a little something for your hate! ♥

  22. @Gerardo

    Heh heh! That's the best one I've heard all week! Tell us another one!

    Ever seen the love directed at a dissenter in the comments section of a lefty blog? Now that is tough love (some would call hate).