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Monday, March 28, 2011

Things You May Have Missed This Weekend

In no particular order:
  1. Meghan McCain proves she is a fool who will do anything, including publish falsehoods about me, to get attention. (Okay, not this weekend, but still a point.)
  2. Anyone who is against D.C. statehood hates blacks and gays.
  3. Media Matters proves that what we always have thought about it is true.
  4. What A Mess, Wisconsin Edition.
  5. Meghan McCain - Me Me Me Me - Pay Attention to ME!.
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  1. Media Matters Not, or Media Natters. Same old unconscionable spin, obfuscation, lie and smears for the cause, just with new Uncle Joes. May they get outFOXed this time. Meanwhile, Libya...

    OTOH, WI does matter. If the Republicans and Tea Partiers don't get get energized and prevail in the recall elections, they will have lost any principled edge and reform momentum in rescaling the size and scope of government across the country.

    Meanwhile, an imposition of a NFZ likely to become a protracted intervention in a god-forsaken north African country whose badly dressed leader we can't decide whether to target and whose al Qaeda rebels we are protecting and arming while the Syrian police state killing its dissidents is declared off-limits to humanitarian military "kinetics" arguably because US/Israel-hating Assad is tight with avowed American-Israeli enemy Iran whose protesters also get no material support from the US, UN and Arab League and because Ms. Syrian Dictator is chic enough to grace the pages of February's American Vogue...

  2. Neologism alert - “Humanitarian imperialism”

    sort of runic rhyme, now it's got a name.


    Be that as it may, I expect “Humanitarian imperialism” is going to be an irresistible tool in that it can be used handily by both the left and the right. Watch out, Israel.

  3. Yep! No particular order . . . well other than the coincidence of one topic being first and last.

    Incidentally, Meghan McCain still has not publicly apologized on Twitter, or even withdrawn her original false accusations, first posted here and then repeated again here, claiming that you were the original author of this post.

    Some people can just never, ever concede their errors, even when their errors falsely impugn others. I guess that in her case, it would require her to think of a clever comeback.