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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Olbermann vs. The Conservative Voice on Campus


Last night, Keith Olbermann addressed his alma mater in a lecture auditorium. I wasn't in attendance for two reasons: 1. I still felt nauseous from seeing him the day before at a private reception for journalists (and whatever he is nowadays) and 2. it was more productive for me to study for my exam on Friday.

I figured that Olbermann would slam The Cornell Review, the conservative newspaper on campus where I serve as campus editor. However, I could not have anticipated the hissy fit that ensued. The Cornell Insider, our blog, has full coverage:

Insider favorite Keith Olbermann ’79 was at Bailey Hall tonight and, while he gave a talk that was, at times, ridiculous, funny, and (yes, I’ll admit it) pretty good, the real draw came in the question and answer section. The first questioner, an older gentleman who looked to be one of Ithaca’s crazy but lovable hippies, brought a copy of the February 16th edition of, you guessed it, the Cornell Review. He was looking to bring Keith’s attention to the article on page two by a guest writer, Eco House basement cannabis enthusiast and sixth year senior Ephram Smith. Olbermann, who must have been overcome with joy by Ephram’s praise for who he called the “Edward R. Murrow of Our Time,” threw the newspaper on the stage and stomped on it while pouring his bottle of designer water (look out, Keith, those are banned here now!) all over the hallowed pages.

[UPDATE]: The WSJ covers Olbermann’s speech / Review-stomping.

But after the Insider took to the microphone to question Keith on his contributions to New Tone 2.0 (full coverage of this issue and the rest of Olbermann’s visit can be found in the next edition of the Review), this not-so-intrepid journalist came out to Mr. Olbermann as someone who writes for “The Conservative Voice on Campus,” but is also a big fan of his. It’s not only the Cornell connection (we <3 all Cornell alumni, especially the ones that are smart enough to read the Insider), but also Keith’s commitment to undermining his more serious colleagues on the left by getting into childish feuds with his fellow cable news talking heads and spreading unfounded paranoia about anybody to the right of Howard Dean that endear him to the Insider.

Ann Coulter '84 would be proud, I think.
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  1. There's a fine line between being childish and being stylishly immature.

    I'm on the good side of that line (at least I try to be) and Keith is on the other.

    Did Professor Jacobson attend?

  2. @LukeHandCool - no, I decided not to punish myself.

  3. Woot! Insider's hitting the big time, now.

  4. According to Ann Coulter, Keith O did not attend Ivy League Cornell, but instead went to "Old McDonald" Cornell. His alma mater is probably a great school, if you like farms and that sort of thing.

  5. I am proud to have written for the Cornell Review (off and on - several media criticism pieces) around 1985-1989 and possibly later. What a complete w@nker.

    There is one point on which I will defend Olberman - which is I refuse to discriminate against or look down on fellow Cornellians who graduated from one of the state colleges.

    A&S 89, PhD 99