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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hillary Will Be The Fall Guy If Libya Goes Badly

Nothing could make more clear that the MSM is setting up Hillary as the fall guy if Libya goes badly than this headline at The New York Times:
Obama Takes Hard Line With Libya After Shift by Clinton
Of course, if things goe badly in Libya, it likely will be the result of delays caused by Obama during which Gaddafi reasserted his control over most of the country, against Hillary's advice.

The meme is in - if things go well, Obama's cool calm and collected evaluation was the reason; if things go badly, it's Hillary's fault.

Update:  John Hinderaker thinks "Hillary gets the credit if things go well," but says that if things do not go well, "expect a furious leak war between the Clinton and Obama factions."  If things go well, there will be plenty of praise to go around, but I still believe Obama will be credited above all; as to the spin war if things go badly, I think it already has started.

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  1. All this and the French lead the way? How bad is this going to get. And in what universe is Hilary the "warmonger"? Bizarro-World.

  2. Perhaps the bigger question is, when things go bad in Libya, will the press even report it? They've certainly been on the ball with what a great success the Stimulus, among other things, has been.

    I hate for Obama to dodge the blame, but I doubt I'll be saying "Poor Hillary."

  3. This is the MSM's way to preemptively strike at a possible primary challenge from Hillary.

  4. Oh please, can't you people see that Obama and Clinton are just out after the oil??

  5. Surgically precise. They've already bought the new rope and put it in the closet. And because it's Hillary, it's pink.

  6. I maintain that this is Europe's fight, not ours. Libya is a backward military power and we shouldn't be risking American lives to fight for European oil. Besides, the British are the ones who arranged the release of the Lockerbie bomber so it is perfectly appropriate that they should be the ones to lose troops.

    My criticism lies with how we arrived at doing the right thing. It was completely inappropriate for Obama to "make it perfectly clear" that this action is limited to protecting Libyan citizens and not about regime change. Once again, a war with an inappropriate goal where troops are sent off with one hand tied behind their backs and a the threat of escalation as an option taken off of the table. I can't wait for Hillary's book to come out.

    The French jets should be bombing Qadaffi's palace already.

  7. I think there's a better-than-even chance that she's going to break with the Obama administration within the next three months.

    And then she'll run in 2012.

    The good news is that she'd be a much better president than Obama. The bad news is that she'd be a much worse president than most of the potential Repubican candidates. The really bad news is that she probably would win, if the MSM unite behind her when they recognize that Obama is generally perceived as a failure.

  8. Liberals eating each other ..... I may have missed something but I gotta ask .....the downside here is what ?

  9. Iraq had 64 UN resolutions and a vote in Congress yet Bush was accused of rushing to war. Obama made no diplomatic effort. 1 UN Resolution and no vote in Congress. Not a Rush to war? When do the Left Wing Human Shields begin headed to Libya to protect Khadaffi?

  10. It's all Bush's fault.

    Wait - no - REAGAN'S fault!!!

    This Libyan adventure actually qualifies quite nicely by the Leftist Thought Process Governing The Employment of U.S. Military Power. We have no remotely discernible national interest in North Africa. The most likely regime to follow in the wake of the Qaddafi Experience will be at best another bilious Arab thugocracy, at worst a genuine, ground up preplanned al Qaida junta.

    This is beyond Amateur Hour. We've achieved the Amateur Administration.

  11. After watching Hillary speak today, I couldn't help but think she hustled Obama out of bed to finally take a 3 am phone call. She was more presidential in 5 minutes of her speech than Obama has been for the entire duration of his presidency. And I am NOT a big fan of Team Clinton.

    Is there any way we can convince the Brazilians to keep Obama?

  12. Hmmm. I've felt this way before. Can't quite place it ....

    Wait. That's right. The Iran/Iraq War.

  13. Hillary announced earlier in the week that she's not staying for the 2nd term. I think that announcement was the prelude to switching to pro-war. A successful toppling of Khadaffy will allow her to say the phone rang at 3 am, and she had to pick it up because the president was voting present.

  14. The Obama admin is nothing but a "leak war" and I fully expect, and look forward to, it continuing long after his reign. (So many book deals so little time to divulge classified info first.) However, I do find it refreshingly honest that Hills husband is shuttering (but maintaining so don't get it twisted) his Harlem office and moving on up to Wall St. Bill is leaving his *black* roots behind just as his wife bombs North Africa. One might inquire if they, granted are not in the same bed, but are are one the same page. But I figure Bill has garnered his street cred propaganda legacy enough to be credible when he comes calling with the 'Progressive' Bush Doctrine: Democracy, yes, but not with the natives in charge for they are revolting -- let the Clinton Global Initiative walk you through crony capitalism (China approved!).

    That Mad Dog threatened to flood Europe with "blacks" not too long ago in exchange for EU cash and sure enough Obama helped him do it too. Is there nothing Obama can't do? Think how easy going and compliant to the UN those left in power in Libya will be with 10,000 fewer peasants on the streets. But don't expect the begging bowl din to quiet for that wouldn't be good business.

    How is this for a Saturday Night Race Card: I am tired of people of color begging the white man to come save them on an equal cultural moral footing. And then the people of color tell the widows of white men how expendable their children are too by linking the drug trade globally.

    Hillary found her Mr Goodbar from Marx, to Bill, NY Jews, the DNC, now Obama, and all the heads of state who shake her hand only because she still has a clit so can't be considered female. Who should rightly get blamed for success or failure is the American people for voting for Affirmative Action Pez Head Prez, Bantam Lightweight Edition. Seriously, why do you think Putin warned America after Obama's election not to go commie? He didn't want anyone muscling in on his territory of influence around the world! Honestly, while Palin plays poker with Putin seeing his shirtless pics on a mongrel pony with her taking out Donner or Blitzen, Obama calls with a trillion dollar stimulus. Obama is batting for the other team!

    "It takes a village" of blackmail and that is what the Obama Doctrine is all about; punish our allies and reward our enemies on a covert payment schedule. Once the Marxists felt they could openly govern America all of their old clandestine pals came a calling. You don't think DADT was repealed over Wikileaks blackmail or that Mad Dog doesn't know where some Ted Kennedy bodies are buried? Please. It was a day of positive recognition earned from deep inside our State Department when Agent 202, Kendall Myers and his wife Agent E-634, Gwendolyn, came out to the Obama admin as spies for Cuba since 1979. Here is the true story of the fabric of our government workers from bottom to top, with the icing on the cake the current immigrant/refugee recruits being aided and funded by taxpayers in their invasion to dilute American principles. Shame on your new and improved American village Hillary.

    Frankly Libya, I don't give a damn.

    P.S. Japan please stay strong. Americans will be there for you.

  15. How will President Palin clean up the mess?