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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Don't Obama Whack Libya"

Doesn't sound quite as catchy as "Don't Bush Whack Iraq" as in one of the bumper stickers below.

Any suggested bumper stickers for Obama and Libya?

Thanks to reader Jeff who took this photo this weekend in Longmont, Colorado, and who assures me he was at a stop light when he took the photo.

(Please remember my caution about driving while photographing bumper stickers.)

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  1. I dunno, the I swerve and hit people at random one sounds just like Obama's foreign policy at this point.

    How about, Get Liberals Out of Libya!

  2. I think the photographer was correct about being stopped when he took the pic. If you expand the image and look just to the left of the driver's head you will see a red stop-light in his lane. They appear to be stopped at a cross street or the mall entrance.

    Vic Fraenckel

  3. But, Taking Tripoli worked for Jefferson!

  4. "Winning the Future" via Humanitarianism: Killing Libyans to stop Qaddafi from killing Libyans.

  5. obama sent the wrong clinton to laybia

  6. I live there. I will look out for this guy.

  7. How about:

    "Nobel Peace Prizer Pieces Libya."


    "Hope and Change: I Hope the Cowboy Changes back to Community Organizer."

  8. Shouldn't it be "Don't Barackwhack Libya"!

  9. ps. @Chris, I was simplifying your basic suggestion.

  10. Or, for our environmentalist friends:

    Catch THIS and Paint it Green, Muammar!

  11. "There’s something about a good bomb . . . "

    -- Bill Ayers, FOO (Friend of Obama)

  12. "Tired of Golf; Took up Duck Hunting!"

  13. If the anti-war crowd had any integrity(and they don't)they would call him Barack OBomber...

  14. If the photographer said he was stopped at a stop light, we WAS stopped at a stop light.

    I know that man, and he does not lie.