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Monday, March 21, 2011

You Missed A Piece

Thanks to reader Chris from Sparks, Nevada, who spotted this almost completely removed Obama-Biden bumper sticker over a Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker.  All that remained was part of the Obama logo and Biden's name.

Yet another failed attempt to erase a mistake.

Nice try.

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  1. Given their size, a Subaru gets pretty rotten gas mileage. If it wasn't for the general hypocrisy of the Left I'd be curious as to the car's apparent popularity (based on bumper stickers) among Democrats.

    To me that picture screams "I couldn't afford a Volvo".

  2. Who likes Subarus? According to Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson it's the terminally thickheaded. That would explain the failed attempt at removing evidence of two judgmental errors, wouldn't it?

  3. Actually, I'm wondering if they've decided to support a new team of Edwards - Biden.

  4. Is this someone headed East? California plate in Nevada. Next stop Texas?

  5. Why didn't the owner remove both stickers? It would have been easier to scrape them both from the glass.

    I speculate that it is Liberal Hope. No matter how badly the promises and policies fail, they believe that the right person would have succeeded. They believe that the policy failed only because the current person is lacking.

    So, remove Obama, but continue the belief that Kerry-Edwards would have brought the promised land. Liberals put their real faith in people, in the great leader. Why else would they believe that their policies can only work in the unusual case that they get just the right person to implement them?

  6. Admitting the problem is the first step in finding a cure...