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Friday, March 18, 2011

Why haven't I seen this before?


Update:  Per commenter, maybe not a young Michael Moore literally, just figuratively.

Update 3-19-2011: Further proof that this likely is not Moore, from reader Matthew, who sent this clip of the same debate indicating it was at Cornell University, which Moore did not attend, and was taken in 1978, at which point Moore would have been older.

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  1. Holy snack cakes and cheeze doodles batman.

    That's Michael (I never turn down food) MOOre?

    No wonder he's in such a lousy mood if he used to look like that when he was poor and now that he's rich, even gold diggers gag thinking about him.

    I gotta go, I just remembered an important date with a treadmill.

  2. Moore has never shown himself to be the brightest bulb on the tree.

  3. THAT'S MICHAEL MOORE???!? Wow. I never would have recognized him.

  4. So, that's what Michael Moore's inner demon looks like. Michael probably ate him whole, in one gulp, as a snack one day in between 3rd breakfast and early brunch. You know, just to tide him over.

  5. It's not Michael Moore. The YouTube poster I think was just implying he's like a young Michael Moore.


  6. At first, I thought it was a young plagerist named Doris Kearns Goodwin.

    Sure looks like her. But it's a male drone from Indoctrinate-U.com

  7. Here's a pic of Michael Moore when he was younger, thinner, but still easily recognizable:


  8. Could we possibly imagine a one-on-one debate today between this genius, Dr Friedman, and obama, dealing with economics? I think the closest we can come today is to nominate Chris Christie, who, while nowhere as sophisticated as Dr Friedman, could-IMHO-hold his own, based upon what I have seen in his videos. It's why I wish Christie would run. Believe me, I'd vote for a snail before I'd vote for obama, but I am fearful that no on else on the right has the ability to call out the our present commander-in-chief like Christie. Thanks for posting this video, Bill. Too bad Dr Friedman is no longer with us. I thoroughly enjoyed his putting the little snot-nosed "Michael Moore" in his place.

  9. Thanks for posting it. Did anyone else notice for the umpteenth time how "progressives" insist on formulating emotionally loaded questions rather than ascertaining real facts?

  10. Thank you for posting this. Friedman made an enormous contribution. But I disagree that this is "a young Michael Moore" which I know would be just a step above dog doo for your readers. I think Friedman treated a young, passionate, and developing mind to an eye into the realities of scarcity. I'm sure it was confusing and humiliating for a 20 year-old idealist. And what was no doubt a huge moment in his intellectual development. Why would you ridicule him?

    (And why the constant fat jokes? How about talking about what he says instead of what you think he eats?)

  11. Looks like Moore to me. Eyes are the same.

    Just sayin'.