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Monday, March 21, 2011

They Actually Have To Rehearse This?

A few weeks ago I posted a video of anti-Israel activists from the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement who targeted Aroma Cafe, an Israeli coffee shop chain, as they do a wide range of Israeli-related products and companies.

Their thing is to create flashmobs, where they start singing to a tune by Lady Gaga, "Bad Romance," to disrupt businesses by making it uncomfortable for customers. (Apparently, the tactic started with union protests at a hotel in San Francisco.)

Can you believe it, they actually have rehearsals for this? (h/t AussieDave)

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  1. William,

    Thanks for helping point out the idiocy of these BDSers...but what do you have against my annotated videos which further point this out?

  2. I commented on that in your prior post - the one lady jumped in when she saw the dance start, so it was obviously something rehearsed. The whole community organizing movement is about rehearsing thug tactics, attention-getting actions, and downright criminal acts all with the motive of trying to shut up, intimidate, and harass the "target" into caving to their demands.

    Have you ever noticed how Democrats and Leftists talk over a host, interviewer, etc. until they either shut the host up or get the upper hand? I first noticed this in 2008, with Hannity being shut down by Gibbsie and Jeremiah Wright on his show. Thuggery to silence the "target" - Rep. Weiner is very well versed in this tactic, if you watch him.

    It has been effective for too long. Time to stop capitulating and start turning the tables!

  3. Sweet. Let's counter that with a bunch of Boomers line-dancing to country music and have them flash-mob the university admin offices, the coffee shacks and ratskellers.

    How many verses of "Proud to be an American" do you think it would take?

  4. @Joan - I love it!!!! Where do I sign up! Yessssss!

  5. Achy-Breaky Heart.

    They'll cave before the second chorus.

  6. Oh, Jeez ...

    Professor, you should have a warning ... not to be watched while eating breakfast. Completely nauseating.

  7. I made it to 2:13 and the first drop of blood dripped from my eye...

  8. Those "performers" are really lame. Anything they perform against I am buying! How nice of them to point out new products/businesses to me. HOW could anyone in their right mind support Palestine? Thank you so much for your site and efforts in exposing them.

  9. Wow. Now I never want to go back to Denver.

    That one individual with the receding hairline and dreds was way too tall for that type of skirt. Fashion sense fail. But could be a Subaru owner?

  10. do they not understand that their weirdo appearances undermine their credibility? Of course in their world, they don't look weird, I suppose.

  11. Oy.
    Where to start. The tall guy with the black lipstick, dreds and SKIRT.
    The fat girl in the red tutu with the boob belt. The little skinny twit on in the back.
    The lame words and impossibly lamer dance moves.
    Oy. Where's my hummus.
    Sad. Really sad.

  12. Desperate for attention. Period. That's the only explanation. I doubt they are very selective about their causes, so long as they can act strange.

  13. Now this is weird. Practice? We don't need no stinkin' practice. Boy, good thing we gay folks didn't need to rehearse Gaga's "Born that way" -- nor did we do it to boycott anyone, or cause disruption. Protest to a song? Weird. And we already have more than 20 spoofs on it. Hysterical, satirical, lampoon stuff. But nothing more than making the gay giggle rounds.

    I don't know if we have a version spoofing the Rhode Island legislature's week long foray into sissy smooching, while the state is broke, corrupt and mismanaged. You know, "Broke this way" or "Corrupt this way."

    I'm sure there is. We're quite creative.

    I think Lefties should leave the entertainment to us professionals. I mean really, gay folks put on Broadway Shows, we're good at this.